May 16, 2022

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Segunda ronda de subvenciones para innovación en salud con 50 millones

Innovative health company grants: 50 million

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Consumerism Kings Marotohas announced a new invitation to Innovative Business Group Support Program which will be launched in June. The second phase of this initiative, which aims to improve the competitiveness of various productive sectors, will have an investment 50 million euros From which companies? health sector.

Speaking before his Senate branch committee, Maroto made it clear that this new funding opportunity was made possible thanks to Economic contribution from European funds From the recovery agreed to by Brussels, which will allow the continuity of policies already deployed in 2021.

In the first call, a total of 20 millions from euro to 147 innovation projects distributed throughout the national territory. The main beneficiaries were Small and medium-sized companies (Small and Medium Enterprises) that form the various groupings of their sectors on a regional scale.

In order to gain access to the call, it is necessary to be part of the registry coordinated by the Ministry of Industry that evaluates dozens of different requirements. of between it “Innovative potential” of your activity sufficient critical mass Or comply with a series of billing parameters. In the current list there are already several groups in the field of biotechnology and health such as clusters Aragon HealthAnd Beoval, S.;Mental health in CataloniaAnd Catalonia Bio and Healthech also CV.

The government is preparing for digital innovation centers

At the same time, Maroto also announced another call that may end in the opposite direction in the health sector. will be injected 37.5 million In a program Digital Innovation Centers It aims to accompany companies in their innovation process in all activities. Funds will be mobilized once the rules are completed. The goal is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs by providing assistance Improve their business, production processes, products and services Through digital technology,” Maroto noted.

Calls for help focused on her appearance at Maroto’s request in the Senate. For nearly two hours, he revealed a balance about actions in a context marked byEconomic crisis caused by Covid-19The Difficulties accessing supplies of Chinese health plans and, more recently, the economic impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Among the new initiatives planned, Maroto expressed that they are already working on tThree new programs Aiming to advise companies in internationalization operations, Enhancing the financing of their projects from an environmental and social standpoint or digitizing a network Chambers of Commerce.

The ministry I lead will continue to work intensively to enhance the competitiveness of industry, commerce and tourism. We continue to progress on the road to economic recovery He noted that we still have a lot to do to reach levels of well-being acceptable to all.

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