August 19, 2022

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Japan to discuss China's rise in meeting with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand

Japan to discuss China’s rise in meeting with South Korea, Australia and New Zealand

In the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing global crisis China would have expressed a desire to maintain its neutral position In the face of the conflict, Japan, one of the most important countries in Asia, through its government, has decided to convene a summit next week, rejecting the West’s demand to condemn the Kremlin’s actions. To analyze The rise of China and the role it plays on that continent.

The meeting was convened by the Prime Minister of Japan. Fumio KishidaHe will meet with his colleagues from South Korea, Australia and New Zealand at a meeting in Madrid in the coming days, as well as countries with similar agendas to host the Member Summit. NATOAnd the summit G7It unites the world’s leading economies.

The confirmed meeting this week will focus on promoting an ideal that is central to its agenda.Free and open Indo-Pacific”, From Washington and Tokyo, on the counter-weight of China’s growing influence as a regional actor.

In a statement to the international media after the meeting was announced, Japanese government spokesman Yoshihiko Isozaki has confirmed that preparations for the meeting are being finalized.However, the agenda for the ‘four way’ meeting has not been fully finalized.

In turn, President Eun-suk-yol received a call from a South Korean official in Seoul and was reportedly examining it.

Are expected to be top representatives of governments Australia and New Zealand, Anthony Albanese and Jacinta ArternRespectively.

In the past, the leaders of Japan and Australia have already discussed China’s role in the Asia-Pacific region, including the participation of the top government, which took place in May, in the midst of what is known as the Quad Summit. Of the United States and India.

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Apart from this important meeting with his colleagues South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, The expectation of the Japanese government is focused on the NATO summit, while according to the international media, Kishida’s participation was coordinated for the first time by his country’s government participating in this multilateral space; North Atlantic Organization.

In this context, the central agenda will address the concerns of various members regarding the situation in Ukraine. Activities that will continue to develop at the end of the systemAnd in response to threats raised by Russia against certain member states, such as Lithuania.

Similarly, At the NATO summit, Japan hopes that the concerns arising from the recent actions taken by Chinese military organizations will be resolved.In the Asia-Pacific region.

In accordance with the agenda planned by the organization, the meeting of world leaders, with a platform in Spain, next June 29 and 30And the visit of some important world leaders and their respective delegates.

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