August 19, 2022

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Legislative assembly in Ecuador rules out a coup attempt (+ photo)

Continuing popular protest in the streets of Ecuador (photos)

Taxi drivers unions join national strike in Ecuador

In a statement to the Ecuadorean people, representatives of UNES, a political formation linked to the Citizen Revolution led by former President Rafael Correa, indicated that they had waited 12 days for a dialogue aimed at ending the serious political crisis and internal unrest. in the country.

In the document, they noted, “However, after the unstoppable escalation of violence, which has already left many dead, and the criminal incitement to confrontation between Ecuadoreans, we will not wait any longer.”

In this regard, they added that they understand the general demand of the population regarding the departure of the powers of the executive branch and Parliament, and that is why the 47 members identified as “Correísta” joined their signatures to request an early vote, as stipulated by the Constitution.

And they say: “We put it at the disposal of our people.”

Along the same lines, the text adds that implementing tools to allow Ecuadoreans to express themselves in a strict democratic sense, as prescribed by law, is not a coup.

The statement stressed that “Mr. Lasso holds a historic responsibility in your hands to stop this massacre against the people and to respond to their just demand,” referring to the violence and repression practiced by the police and the army against the demonstrators during 12 days. of protesting against the government.

Finally, the statement called on the President of the Republic to act humanely and stressed: “It is time to solve the chaos with votes, not with bullets.

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The statement came after an initiative earlier carried out by members of the UNES Assembly, who support the use of the death bypass mechanism, which is also required by various social sectors, to call for an early electoral process and to define a new presidency on the ballot and the National Assembly.

The decision of the UNES was taken within the framework of the Indigenous and Popular Uprising, which began on 13 June at the national level and indefinitely, to demand specific answers from the Executive on 10 issues raised at the Technical Round Tables in 2021, but without obtaining the expected results..

Reducing and freezing fuel prices, meeting the needs of small farmers in crises, budgeting for education and health, reducing unemployment, banning illegal mining, stopping privatization of public companies, as well as effectively combating insecurity are some of the claims made in the points presented to the government.

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