August 14, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez confiesa que actuar con Shakira fue "la peor idea del mundo"

Jennifer Lopez Admits Acting With Shakira Was “The Worst Idea In The World”

June 2020. Shakira s Jennifer Lopez act in comfort Energy And they leave the world with their sounds, their rhythm, and, above all, their strength. two WomenAnd the Latinasturns into one of the largest companies Sports Events From the world. It is also one of the most televised lessons in Women’s Empowerment all over the world. However, the actress and singer has now put together what was unforgettable for most people.

There was only one possible objection It was another performance, in this case a performance Beyonce, who in 2016 eliminated hiccups in an American football “show” demanding the rights of African Americans in the United States. But already another. Jennifer Lopez admitted on Thursday that she performed with the Colombian artist on stage.It was the worst idea in the world“.

Jewelery phrase, but understandable

Such words are a jug of cold water for Barranquillawhich in recent days is going through one of its worst moments:MarazisEL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA, one of the Iberian media to which this newspaper also belongs, announced last Wednesday that Gerrard Pique I would be unfaithful. Both announced their separation on Saturday after 12 years of relationship and two children together.

The phrase is lapidary, but not its context or intent. He made them at the premiere of his documentary.half time‘, which opened from Tribeca Festival in New York. He’ll be available next June 14 on Netflix and tell us how he prepared for his presentation of the Super Bowl break.

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The artist complained about Bronx For the little time they spent on acting. “We have to have our moment. It won’t be a damn dance play,” he added, as guests at the festival’s opening can see.

“Doing two people in the Super Bowl is the worst idea in the world and it was,” he says in the documentary. However, not in order to share the stage with Shakira, but to choose two great Latin stars for the show. She didn’t like it, but the performance video leaves no doubt that it was glorious moment.