July 1, 2022

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Joel Campbell has called on New Zealand not to insult Costa Rica's 'admiration'.

Joel Campbell has called on New Zealand not to insult Costa Rica’s ‘admiration’.

The Club Lyon striker is counting the hours to represent his country in such a deep battle.

The turning point is getting closer and closer. Costa Rica Ahmed bin Ali has to go to court to see the ticket for the World Cup Qatar 2022 And the concentration within the national group is maximal.

The nationals did not take their eyes off the final prize, which is one of 32 live places for the World Cup, especially in Group E Spain, Germany Y JapanBut this time it was only a wish, no one on the team progressed beyond the facts and they knew going there would be a very complicated battle against the New Zealand players.

“Now is the time to take that little step that puts us in the World Cup, the second round against the United States is over, it’s a solo game, it’s part of the prize we are looking for, but hey, it’s 90 minutes, 120 or penalties, they will be 90 and Costa Rica will win We hope to receive. ” Joel CampbellOne of Digos’ notes.

Campbell, who has played in more than 100 tournaments with the national team, has fought many battles, he has won many, he has lost many, and if anything is clear to him, you can not underestimate him in any way. New ZealandDespite being one of the most overlooked groups in Central America, many hold the label of favorites Costa RicaIn the field they are the same.

“It’s not anymore, it’s 90 minutes, two teams and a ball. The one who does the best thing is going to win. We saw cases like the one in Italy. Northern Macedonia won.

For a game that requires both physically and mentally, players must be prepared in every way, and psychologically is no exception. There will be a lot of pressure, many emotions occupying the players, in any situation, you need to be calm to make the right decisions.

“I think this team’s determination is always interesting. Playing within limits has always given us incredible strength. We hope things go well for us on Tuesday. We have the union. This team deserves the best. We are proud of what each of us has done,” he said.

Joel Campbell He was one of the players who practically secured the title against New Zealand, however, like the other players, he was very focused on getting that spot and did not take anything for granted.

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