June 23, 2024

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John Kelvin could go back to prison: ‘He would have traveled to Argentina without judicial permission’

John Kelvin could go back to prison: ‘He would have traveled to Argentina without judicial permission’

John Kelvin could go back to prison: “He would have traveled to Argentina without judicial permission.” (Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

Strong and clear. In the latest issue of “Majali La Firme TV” On June 6, the driver Medina Majali He commented on the new situation John Kelvin And his sudden trip to Argentina. according to Dalia Duran It was reported that the singer was going to travel without judicial permission.

As reported, Combiambaro was detained in prison San Juan de Lurigancho To prevent physical and psychological assault on the mother of his children. However, he has yet to be released First Provisional Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima Norte Accepting his request to stop pretrial detention.

Although he was released… Kelvin He had to adhere to certain rules of conduct, one of which was not to go on a journey without permission. “He confronts us through social media, you know, John Kelvin He has a mother who lives there (Argentina). But as we talked to Dalia Duran“Who is still on trial with him, and he tells us that he does not adhere to the rules of conduct that the judge gave him,” the journalist said at the beginning.

(Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

“This could be dangerous for him, because once he arrives on Peruvian territory, they could forcefully or forcefully return him to prison,” he said. My field.

In view of this, Dalia Duran, He explained in an interview with the “Magpie” program that they reviewed the entire file in court with his lawyer Kelvin You do not have permission to travel, not even to any province in the country. Moreover, he indicates that he does not have permission to move from the address he proved before the court, because it is still in the proof stage. By not requesting corresponding permissions from the judge, you are violating the applicable rules, which could seriously jeopardize your freedom.

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“We went to court personally and went through the entire file where the permits are requested, where he should go to sign and everything.. You do not have permission to travel to Argentina after this. Not for Argentina nor for any of those who created the boycott. To leave the country in general,” stated the disgruntled model.

(Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

“Not only leaving the country, but also moving from the place, from the address that I adopted in court when they granted him his freedom. Because it is still in the testing phase. “So he has restrictions. The judge tells him, ‘You cannot move to your place of residence without having to ask the judge for permission.’” Dahlia.

On the other side, Cuban He slammed hard John Kelvin For this situation: “Someone like him doesn’t care about the rules. Now what John did is very dangerous. If he had his permissions and everything, let him send it to you. Very easy. Let it be maintained. It takes time, it’s not that you ask for it today and they give it to you today or tomorrow, no He said they are evaluating it and seeing if they will give it to you or not.

It is important to remember that the singer has been detained for the second time for not complying with the code of conduct and the restraining order in favor of Dalia Duran. Now the Cuban who has a pending trial John KelvinHe confirms that he violates these rules again by traveling to Argentina Without the necessary permissions.

(Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)