June 23, 2024

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Johnny Wactor, the American actor from the movie “General Hospital”, was killed in a robbery

Johnny Wactor, the American actor from the movie “General Hospital”, was killed in a robbery

Johnny Wactor Who was famous for his appearance in countless episodes of the medical series “General Hospital”, was shot dead in downtown Los Angeles in the United States, as confirmed by the TMZ portal.

​It was the actor’s mother who told this medium how the event happened, so it seems like everything was due The alleged theft In the early hours of this Sunday.

According to information, Wactor was with a co-worker when they saw three men playing with Johnny’s car.

Although the authorities did not reveal the names of those involved in the event, the data coincides with an incident in which three suspects apparently attempted to steal a car. Catalytic converterIt is one of the components of the internal combustion in some cars, as it works to control and reduce harmful gases produced by the engine.

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The actor’s mother expressed that although Wactor did not confront the thieves, they still did They shot him before they left.

Paramedics went to the scene, but there was little they could do at the medical center from then on His death was announced minutes later.

The authorities have not yet found those responsible for the murder, and the actor’s relatives hope that witnesses and local cameras will be able to identify them.

Johnny Actor began his acting career in 2007, when he was part of the series ““Army wives” From Chanel Lifetime, likewise, has had some appearances in “Westworld,” “The OA,” “NCIS,” “Station 19,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Hollywood Girl.”

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In the series that gave him the most recognition, General Hospital, he played the role of Brandon Corbin.

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