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8 phrases you should never say to your partner because you will break trust and love |  Health |  magazine

8 phrases you should never say to your partner because you will break trust and love | Health | magazine

Effective communication is the foundation of a relationship and your well-being, so you should take into consideration that when you get to the point of arguing there are certain phrases you should not say because they would break trust and would be a blow to your love. .

Judy Ho, a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist certified in the assessment and treatment of individuals and couples, used her expertise in relationship psychology to report in the newsletter for Reader’s Digest magazine What are the things that should not be said to a partner or within a relationship?

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Heated arguments often disrupt the relationship between spouses. Photo: Freebeck.

Phrases that should not be said in a relationship

According to the expert’s words, there are expressions that undermine trust between spouses and cause great harm.

  1. “You’re overreacting”: If you downplay your partner’s feelings or emotions, he or she will feel rejected or despised.
  2. “You should know how I feel”: Don’t expect your partner to know what you’re thinking, so communicate your thoughts and feelings honestly.
  3. “I have finished”: In a heated argument, many things can be said without taking into consideration how they will affect the other person, so ending it this way will only increase the tension.
  4. “I told you”: Mentioning this phrase in a relationship can generate resentment and it will seem disrespectful if you gloat about being right.
  5. “I’m sorry to be with you”: If you express regret about the partner choice you made, it may cause deep pain and will damage the relationship.
  6. “I do not love you anymore”: It is not recommended to use this phrase out loud because it is an unkind way to express that you are no longer interested in the relationship.
  7. “I do not want to talk to you”: With these words, you are putting aside the other person’s feelings and making them understand that you don’t care about them or that you don’t have any interest in them.
  8. “You always” or “You never”: This makes the partner feel unfairly attacked or criticized.
Conflicts are common in a relationship but with good communication everything can be resolved. Photo: Freebeck

As Jodi Ho puts it, when negative labels or insults are used in an argument, it damages the relationship and intensifies the conflict, making it more difficult to find a solution. (Yo)

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