August 14, 2022

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Jorge Valdano confirms that Carlos Bilardo finished his Superman complex

Jorge Valdano confirms that Carlos Bilardo finished his Superman complex

Jorge Valdano confirmed on Thursday that coach Carlos Bilardo, with whom he won the 1986 World Cup in Mexico with the Argentine national team, finished his Superman complex, making him believe he could come out of mandatory retirement for three years due to suffering. From hepatitis to playing the 1990 World Cup.

“For a good part of those three years I was a patient being treated for chronic hepatitis, but once Bilardo came and told me”If you give me six months of your life, I’ll give you the World CupI went through a physical ordeal and a week before the start of the World Cup (Italy 1990) he told me I did not see you; If I had a Superman complex, Bilardo solved it for me with this decisionThe former football player explained.

Valdano told the tale during his participation on the third day of the 2022 Mexican Football League Summit, a summit where more than 25 football personalities will participate in conferences on trends in the football industry.

The ex-Real Madrid manager’s talk was about footballers’ lives after retirement.

The former coach remembered how his life after playing suddenly came a few months after lifting the World Cup in Mexico 1986 with Diego Armando Maradona because he contracted hepatitis that put his life at risk.

“Playing football is like prolonging childhood and who wants to leave his childhood. We want to prolong this extraordinary routine, to wake up every day so that it is not too late to train in the fresh air, to have the privilege of fame, and to have a hard amount of money to achieve in another activity.”

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The winner of three Spanish league titles as a Real Madrid player, revealed that being close to books opened the doors for him to work as a sports commentator and he does not have a complicated life away from playing football like some of his colleagues.

In addition to being a media personality, Valdano has also worked as a director, strategist, businessman and writer for more than twenty books, something he has maintained due to the fact that He was always ready to prepare.

“The sports career is short compared to what we have left to live later. We must make a qualitative leap, the focus is not only on professional activity, but we have to think about the future, how I help the former athlete achieve a certain dignity when he stops playing football; in some cases Education is necessary‘, was sentenced.