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José Madero’s former university professor talks about the school years of the former Pxndx singer

José Madero’s former university professor talks about the school years of the former Pxndx singer

Pepe Madero’s former teacher tells stories about the singer (private)

Jose Madero He became known as the vocalist of Panda (stylized as Pxndx), a group that excelled in performing songs with… Words of heartbreak and failed relationshipsAlthough he is currently focusing on his solo career.

The singer, before he was recognized in the music industry, studied in Monterey Technology the Law professionOne of his professors commented with some stories about his translator’s academic life Without ampersand.

Jose Madero studied law (Marlem Suarez/Infobay Mexico)

The teacher said via a virtual meeting platform that he has a “leadership” student who is always late for his classes and always closes the door and says, “I am here.”

“My policy was that they could come anytime they wanted, sit down and not make a big fuss,” the teacher admitted.

Professor Jose Madero described it as A very restless studentwho was always yawning or laughing in class, which happened Annoying the rest of his colleagues.

The teacher declared that Jose Madero was a very troubled student (Private)

On one occasion, the teacher remembered that his students had to do this Collage display When it was Madero’s turn to present, he took it as a game and started making fun of him in different ways, which, according to the teacher, made his classmates feel uncomfortable.

Therefore the teacher I decided to confront the young student He told him that he realized that he did not care much about his class and that sometimes he made fun of what he said.

José Madero’s response was clear and forceful: “His class and Tec are worth it to me, they don’t interest me at all,” the professor recalls.

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When the teacher asked José why he was in his class, he explained that the only reason he was in class was because of him His father asked to give him a nickname academic.

The professor remembered that he was amazed by that student’s answers, so he asked him: What do you want to do with your life? “Sing,” Joseph replied.

Once he told Jose what he wanted to do, the teacher asked him about it His decision to study lawHe replied, “Look, I don’t want any math. I don’t want any biology, or science, any of that. The humanities; I don’t want any science.” I like to read, I don’t want anything about history or anything about sociology. So the profession that will be useful for me when I sing is law because I will be making my contracts and I don’t want to be criticized in that aspect.

José Madero explained why he studied law (Marlem Suarez @barbieperiodista)

The teacher commented that upon hearing the singer’s response, he decided so I give you all the topics I have left to see in the classroom He asked him not to return to his class, but to choose one of the songs to make a song and that he had to perform it in class as a final project; However, the condition was that if all of his classmates liked him, he would get a minimum passing grade, but if none of the students liked him, he would fail the class.

The end of the semester has arrived Former Pxndx singer He returned to perform his song and the teacher noticed that he arrived with his band and with instruments such as Guitar, drums and bass To give the class a concert, which was enough for Pepe Madero to get a minimum passing grade.

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“The boy finished his studies and two years after he graduated, Pepe Madero created a group called Pxndx and won five Grammy Awards,” the professor concluded.