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This is what Patty Chapuys thinks about her character in the series “Who Killed Him?”, which revolves around the murder of Paco Stanley

This is what Patty Chapuys thinks about her character in the series “Who Killed Him?”, which revolves around the murder of Paco Stanley

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death Paco Stanley It was one of the darkest moments in the history of Mexican entertainment and has been covered in books, series, documentaries and television shows. Despite the huge impact that the driver’s death had, the case remains unclear and to this day there is a lot of mystery surrounding the events.

It recently premiered on the streaming platform Prime Video Series Who killed him?Which deals with the star’s murder through the eyes of characters who directly experienced the case, such as George Gill (Played by Diego Boneta) Paola Durante (played by Belinda) and Mario Pizarres (Luis Gerardo Mendez).

BrendaShe is Bezares’ wife and a former beauty queen. She is also one of the heroes of the series and has her own episode, specifically the fourth, which was previously released and widely commented on by the public.


In this chapter there is a character named ComeWho interviews Brenda after her husband is arrested. This character is none other than Patty Chapuis, and she has another name, as happens with other heroes. The scene caught the reporter’s attention, and she had previously expressed her opinion on her social media sites.

“I wonder if Patty Chapuis “I actually saw his parody in the movie Who Killed Him,” a netizen previously wrote on his Twitter account, X. It seems that the entertainment journalist was very impressed with the work of the actress playing her, as she did not hesitate to return to the message and reply: “Yes, well done“.

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Paco Stanley was a prominent figure on Mexican television during the 1980s and 1990s. He was born on July 1, 1942 in Mexico City and rose to prominence as an actor, comedian, and television presenter. Stanley began his media career as a radio presenter, but his talent soon took him to the small screen, where he gained popularity.

His charisma and sense of humor made him the face of hit shows like “Come here!” And “Pacatilus“, spaces that combined humour, entertainment and competitions. These programs became extremely popular, achieving high ratings and enhancing Stanley’s fame. His irreverent style and ability to connect with the audience made him very popular among viewers.

On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley He was shot dead When leaving a restaurant in Mexico City, an event that shocked the country. This fact has given rise to multiple theories and speculation about possible causes and culprits, and has become the subject of significant media interest. The killing remains the subject of many discussions and analyses.

Stanley left a lasting mark on the history of Mexican television. His unique style and ability to entertain made him an iconic figure. Furthermore, his tragic death sparked a series of events that affected the media and public opinion in general.

His legacy lives on to this day, and his influence is felt in multiple aspects of entertainment in Mexico. Paco Stanley is still remembered not only for his talent and charisma, but also for the mystery surrounding his sudden passing.