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Complaint from the Minister of Health in Soledad for the transfer of patients

Complaint from the Minister of Health in Soledad for the transfer of patients

Reactions to the tragic event that occurred on Friday, May 31, continue On the border of Barranquilla and Soledadwhere four people were killed and three others were injured, after part of the Simon Bolivar vehicle bridge collapsed.

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Among the authorities who recently made statements was the local Minister of Health, Edilson Parreira Reyes, who filed a serious complaint regarding alleged irregularities in the transportation of affected patients.

He added: “The patients were transferred to hospital centers that were 40 minutes away from the scene of the accident, which seems to me very dangerous, taking into account that one of the injured died on the way to the care center, perhaps if he had been transferred to the university.” “Hospital del Norte, which was a few minutes away, something could have been done for this person’s life,” the official said.

Barrera Reyes insisted on announcing this dispute and called on the relevant organizations, in order to verify these operations, In addition to talking about “business” and “prices.”.

The Minister of Health said: “We cannot continue to fall victim to this work that comes before human life, simply because of some of the alleged prices they allocate to ambulance drivers to take them to certain clinics.”

These are the five clinics close to the scene of the tragedy

According to the Soledad Mayor’s Office, the municipality has five high-level clinics, such as: Hospital Universidad del Norte, which is located a few steps from the accident site.

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Also, the National Police Clinic is less than 5 minutes away, in addition to the Porvenir, Adela de Char, Los Almendros and Juan Dominguez Romero clinics.

In the committee held with Mayor Alcira SandovalDue to the accident that occurred on the 30th Street Bridge, Barrera Reyes clarified the situation with the aim of asking the Provincial and Regional Health Secretariat to comment on the situation and provide a response.

The official stressed: “Because you cannot continue to risk the lives of citizens just because of some of the alleged rates given to ambulances when transporting injured people to certain clinics.”

So far, the authorities announce that there are four dead and three wounded receiving treatment in health institutions.

picture:Oscar Berrocal/Kronos Agency

This is the identity of the victims of the collapse of part of the bridge

After a long day of rescuing bodies, exhuming vehicles, and examining the structure by authorities, the identities of the four victims were only known in the afternoon.

names Juan Bautista Caraballo Rivera, age Jose Martinez Solis, 65 years oldIsrael Rodriguez Pereira, 58, and Joel Alfonso Merinho Torregrosa.

List of injured people provided by the authorities

Meanwhile, the injured are: Brenda Lizeth de las Salas Jiménez, 34 years old, Freddy Manuel Lalinde, and Luis Alfonso Lanos Ferrer, 49 years old, who were transferred to different health care centers to receive their medical care.

According to the latest report from the Soledad Mayor’s Office, de las Salas Jimenez, a 34-year-old woman, is receiving treatment at the Campbell Clinic, with… Diagnosis of blunt trauma to the chest and blunt trauma to the abdomen and pelvis.

Freddy Manuel Lallende presents with a diagnosis of moderate to severe craniocerebral trauma and is receiving care at the Centro de Barranquilla Clinic.

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Luis Alfonso Llanos Ferrer, who was suffering from craniocerebral trauma, was referred to the Centro de Barranquilla Clinic.

This area of ​​30th Street which It connects Barranquilla with Soledad, on Circonvalar Street, restrictedTherefore, traffic authorities asked citizens traveling to the center or to Ernesto Cortesos Airport to take alternative routes. The bridge may remain closed for up to two months.

The Ministry of Transportation indicated that one of the hypotheses for the bridge’s collapse refers to the “dam saturation process.”

“When a road is built, it gains pressure and a percentage of water. When that percentage of water increases, the first thing that gets reduced is the fine particles from that seal and that’s what creates the structure that loses support. At the top a vacuum is created and as vehicles pass by, The structure is collapsing,” commented Minister William Camargo.

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El Tiempo correspondent

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