Monday, July 22, 2024

New ChatGPT Feature: How to Customize ChatBot

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The new update to this tool will improve the free experience. to follow;


Open AI announced a new Update in ChatGPT. Your ChatBot so far includes a few features in its free version. With arrival GPT-4o Many functions that have been paid for so far, with ChatGPT Plus, And you will become free.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) update will first begin rolling out between Paying users, and then you will reach the free one. So this function will take some time to reach ChatGPT.

Elections CHAGPT.webp

ChatGPT: Elections.

What is gpt-4o

Until now, ChatGPT has used the GPT-3.5 AI engine, and ChatGPT Plus has offered GPT-4 in its paid version. Now GPT-4o It will be offered in both: Free and plus. This is a huge improvement for free users.

Offers GPT-4o Same GPT-4 Turbo performance in text and codeimproves interaction with non-English texts, and provides Much higher speed. Although the free version will be limited compared to the paid version, it will still be better than what exists so far.

GPTs: What does the new ChatGPT functionality look like?

GPTs is a system that allows you to create Custom versions Powered by ChatGPT. This service, which so far can only be used by paying users, serves as Accessories store You can get GPTs that focus on, or focus on, specific functions Specific topics or skills.

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