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Juan Rivera sues his nephews Jenni Rivera's children: 'We all lost'

Juan Rivera sues his nephews Jenni Rivera's children: 'We all lost'

Juan Rivera responded to his nephews' demand for the rights to Jenni Rivera (Screenshot/YouTube)

Half a year ago Children Jenni Rivera – Jackie, Johnny, Jenica and Michelle – filed a lawsuit against their grandparents' companies, Pedro Riveraallegedly illegally exploiting the image and copyright of the site Singer band. In response, he and Juan Rivera They filed another lawsuit against them.

The musician confirmed the news in Wake up, Americaand confirmed that they are, as part of Bucket barsThey will also defend their rights as a record label, because even though family was more important to them, they know that connection no longer exists.

“People think that everything is necessarily for money, for ambition. We must realize that there are more valuable things: family. That has already been broken here, we have all lost here.”

Both parties claim to have certain things left by Jenny, both songs and pictures. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Faced with his nephews' accusations, Juan defended that just as they were the owners of everything Jenny had left, so the Cintas Aquario They are owners When the singer recorded with the aforementioned company.

“There's no doubt that 100% of what I own belongs to my nephews, theirs, but just because Jenny, my sister, is the voice or the edge on the recording, doesn't mean it belongs 100% to her. My father owns what he recordedJohn explained.

With this counterclaim, Juan asserted that his nephews would realize what was really happening with the voice and image of their mother, as they recorded a record with images owned by Cintas Aquario, which would have made them fall into the alleged crime of illegal exploitation. .

The only person not previously in the lawsuit is Chiquis, who was not included in Jenny's will (Instagram/@jacqiivera)

“My nephews have several songs on my sister’s records that my father owns. My nephews may not know that, but they will find out in the lawsuit.”

The lawsuit is already in the hands of the authorities and now it is up to Jenni Rivera's children to respond within the set deadline. So far, none of them have made statements about this topic on social media.

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It must be remembered that the family now faces two operations that must be carried out at the same time because they are in almost the same state.

Pedro Rivera said at the time that he did not want the lawsuit to sever his relationship with his grandchildren (Instagram/@pedroriveramusic)

In September 2023, Jackie, the executor of the estate Singer bandallegedly filed a lawsuit against Cintas Aquario on behalf of all his siblings (except Chiquis). Illegally exploited Voice and image translator Neighborhood butterfly For years.

What their grandfather's company is accused of, with the support of Juan and Rosie Rivera, concealed these actions from them, allegedly exploiting their positions in Pedro's companies and those they had in Jenni Rivera's companies before Jackie took over.

Because of these accusations, Juan decided to accompany his father in the new lawsuit. Apparently, Rosie is also part of this new operation, as she defends herself against her nephews' accusations.

The conflicts between Jenni's children and her uncles began in recent years when Rosie was at the helm of Jenni Rivera's company (EFE/ Iván Mejía/Archive)

In this lawsuit, they asked Cintas Acuario to be transparent about the profits it received from Jenni, and in doing so pay them what is consistent with them as heirs to the singer's copyrights.

despite of Cheekies She would not have been part of the process initiated by her brothers, as she was not a beneficiary of her mother's inheritance, and her uncles and grandfather would have sued her for being part of what had happened to Jenny in recent years.

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