November 30, 2023

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Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival in Japan, a way to communicate with cats and their magic

Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival in Japan, a way to communicate with cats and their magic

Some of the cats that were present at this year’s edition of the Mystery Cat Festival in Tokyo, Japan (Facebook 神楽坂化け猫フェスティバル/Kagurazaka Bakeneko Festival)

In the popular neighborhood Kagurazaka in Tokyo, JapanHundreds of people can be seen each year dressed as the mysterious and legendary cats to commemorate their presence at one of the world’s most important cat events: Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival (Supernatural cat).

This event came as a reference to the famous Japanese writer, Sōseki NatsumiAnd his satirical novel Wagahai wa neko by Aru (I am a cat) which many people have read in the countryside and neighborhood is the main place where the work is done. he festival It was held last weekend in that place, and dozens of children, youth and adults were seen dressed as warriors, mythical cats, magicians or clowns.

The volunteer organizers of the festival explained to the local news portal Kyodo News Those since Meiji era (1868-1912) living Kagurazaka It has been a hangout for artists and many cat lovers. The demarcation of the border was considered A place where a deep connection can be created With these furry animals.

Attendees wear different cat-related outfits (Facebook 神楽坂化け猫フェスティバル/Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival)

The event has an average cost Four dollars for adults Participation is open to everyone, and registration regularly begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. All visitors who want to see people dressed as cute cats, samurai or scary cats can do so for free from the neighborhood sidewalks.

According to information from the local news portal Sora Newshe Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival It was just a show in the previous editions of 2015, and since that year, the organizers decided to join forces to turn it into an all-day event that allows different artists to express their love for cats.

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Officials commented on Kyodo News this is “An event without limits“, regardless of age, gender, profession or nationality, everyone can participate, the only condition is that you have a costume like some kind of cat.

In recent years, the event has witnessed a high attendance rate. In the photos and videos shared by the event organizers, you can see dozens of people who are willing to endure the rain and strong winds in order to live the experience. Subordinate Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival.

It is held in Japantown because of the deep connection that can be made with the cats in that place (Facebook 神楽坂化け猫フェスティバル/Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival)

On a page Official Facebook of the eventMany participants interact with each other to help both people who want to become a woolly cat do so. Users of the social network exchange information about places where they can make their own costumes, apply makeup or get candy in the shape of cats.

“Thank you to all the cats for coming. Although rain The reception of all participants was difficult, but the team I managed to work hard to make this possible“,” the festival’s management wrote on its Facebook page. “I’m happy about”Death cats‘They had gathered since the morning, confident in the predictions that would result. He added: “It is no exaggeration to say that we were able to achieve this with little time to prepare.”

This year’s edition is reminiscent of the 2017 edition, where heavy rains forced participants to take refuge in buildings located on the main streets of the city. Japanese quarter. On this occasion, hundreds Stores And Restaurants They collaborated to help everyone involved.

One of the people who dressed up as a cat for the festival (Facebook 神楽坂化け猫フェスティバル/Kagurazaka Bakineko Festival)