August 19, 2022

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Kendrick Nunn still injured: what he has and why he didn't debut with the Los Angeles Lakers

Kendrick Nunn still injured: what he has and why he didn’t debut with the Los Angeles Lakers

Kendrick Nan Came to me Los Angeles Lakers On the its season 2021 as one of the companies to consider until last year. With notable salary restrictions due to the focus on three big names, the Angelenos had to correct their moves, and the Californians gave it to him Mid-level semi-annual exception for luxury teams (Mid-level exemption for taxpayers) to the former Miami Heat. However, only a year later, he did not play with them a single minute in an official match.

The Chicago goalkeeper had just completed two exciting seasons in Miami, coming out of nowhere and becoming the starting point guard for the 2020 finalist team and taking steps forward despite his age (1995). The Lakers saw him as a reserve point guard who could share the court with LeBron or Westbrook and contribute points from the second unit. But from very early on, physical problems were an important factor. In the pre-season suffered from a A small injury to the right knee quickly worsened, Missing a large part of training, but only accessing two friendly matches, against Warriors and Suns.

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However, Nunn will never play Minute again. The 27-year-old sustained a severe bruise in his right knee Which prevented him from returning despite attempts, both by him and the Lakers. A situation a little more than two months after the start of the 2022-2023 season is still stagnant in a certain way.

As Nunn commented in a recent interview with Spectrum SportsNetThe “It’s 100%” From a health point of view, he has not been feeling well since the last season he played (2020-2021).

Some statements that contradicted in a certain way the information provided by Jovan Poha the athletewho asserted that despite the fact that the player might be fine, The Lakers medical team has not released him. This means that Nunn is still unable to participate in the five to five contact drills. In addition, the journalist noted that he was training with other guys from the team and that he could possibly get to a start training camp, But the times that are dealt with are still uncertain.

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Nunn has taken important steps forward to get back to the Lakers as soon as possible, but one mistake could mean a setback that leaves him completely sidelined. The presence of the Chicago native on the LA team is of vital importance Well, it will not only allow for more weapons and options in terms of rotation, but even to move Westbrook to the second unit. Additionally, if he were to get injured again, Californians would have invested 10 million in a player who had no impact on the game and his exit from the transfer market would be virtually impossible given their asset holdings.

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