July 14, 2024

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Kevin Feige was against the Disney+ premiere of Black Widow because he considered it a “disembarkation” of MCU films headed by women.

Kevin Feige was against the Disney+ premiere of Black Widow because he considered it a “disembarkation” of MCU films headed by women.

One of the first reports that appeared after a lawsuit Scarlett Johansson Against Disney pointed out that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, I wasn’t satisfied either With the movie premiere Black Widow And Disney Plus.

In this case, it was pointed out that the CEO behind the MCU was “angry and ashamed” of the premiere strategy adopted for the Natasha Romanov-focused film. But while Feige hasn’t addressed the issue directly yet, a new report suggests that the CEO’s annoyance could have gone through the kind of premiere that Black Widow A representative of the famous coherent universe of Marvel Studios.

In an article by The Wall Street Journal Focusing on the fallout from Johansson’s lawsuit, it was again raised that Feige wasn’t convinced of his release Black Widow on Disney Plus with Premiere Access in parallel with her theatrical debut. All because, in addition to influencing the proposal already built with the broadcast series, he said the launch would be a precedent for one of the first MCU films headed by a woman.

“Putting the Black Widow on Disney went against Mr. Feige’s tiered approach: creating TV shows that complemented movies on the big screen,” says the Wall Street Journal report. He resisted plans for the film’s simultaneous release, in part because he didn’t like the idea of ​​one of Marvel’s few female-led films moving to the home streaming service.People familiar with his thinking said.

So far, Marvel Studios has released only a few female-led films Capitana Marvel, Ant-Man and The Wasp And Black Widow, so you can definitely understand what Feige was aiming to achieve.

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But in the end, that throwing idea Black Widow Only in theaters did the film flourish and the film debuted simultaneously on the big screen and Disney Plus with Premiere Access, which increased demand for Johansson and, according to the same report, created tensions that would create tensions. Conversations slowed down For the final return of Joe and Anthony Russo to direct a new Marvel Studios movie.