December 9, 2023

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The ending of Episode 4 of “Loki” could change the future of the MCU and has driven fans crazy

The ending of Episode 4 of “Loki” could change the future of the MCU and has driven fans crazy

Spoilers for “Loki” 2×04

In an unexpected turn of events, Season 2 of “Loki” appears to have completely destroyed the sacred timeline Where all the events that have happened so far take place in the UCM and where all the superheroes we know from Marvel live, causing… Something that hasn’t been seen since Thanos’ shot at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.When the crazy giant wiped out half the existence of the universe.

Loki was supposed to be the Nick Fury who would reunite the multiple Avengers For the coming war between universes, which will pit thousands of variants of the Kang Council against the greatest heroes in all universes. The upcoming “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” movie will be responsible for chronicling this showdown before “Avengers: Secret Wars” delivers the promised reboot of Marvel’s MCU, but in a midseason surprise that very few could have predicted, The end of Episode 4 of Season 2 of “Loki” on Disney+ dealt a fatal blow to the God of Deception. once again.

Gareth Gatrell//Marvel Studios

Explanation of the ending of Episode 4 of the second season of the Loki series

After luring Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors) out of his temporal branch in the early 1900s, and convincing him to help repair TVA’s temporal loom, Loki Season 2 Episode 4 ended in a surprising and surprising, His “spaghetti” when we all thought he was going to save the sacred timeline, condemning the entire TVA to certain destruction. The resulting timeline explosion appears to have completely destroyed all major characters, including Loki, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Mobius (Owen Wilson), and OB (Ke Huy Quan).

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But on a larger scale, the destruction of the Time Loom has even more terrifying implications for the future of the MCU. The Loom was the only thing that controlled the sacred timeline and prevented everything from falling into temporal and multiversal chaos. As Sylvie said in Season 1 to Loki, “The universe wants to free itself, and that is why chaos arises“It creates its own variables and offshoots almost infinitely, which is why he kept the rest under control by creating TVA.

Ke huy quan as ob in Marvel Studios' Loki, Season 2, exclusively on Disney Image courtesy of Marvel Studios © 2023 Marvel

Marvel Studios//Marvel Studios

Every deviation from the bleeding schedule was removed and variables were “pruned” or recruited as TVA staff until the end of time. The explosion of the Time Loom means that the rest’s nightmare has come true. The sacred timeline no longer exists, and chaos has reigned. Without the TVA safety net, the Kang Council members are free to begin their multiverse conquest.which directly sets up the events of “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.”

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