January 19, 2022

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Knicks blamed in referee after loss to Nets

Knicks blamed in referee after loss to Nets

New York – Julius Randle The Knicks and coach Tom Thibodeau walked out of Barclays Center Stadium on Tuesday night talking to each other and “angry” at the referee during their 112-110 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Randle scored 24 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists, but only went to the goal line twice throughout the game. The Knicks striker initially refused to talk about the referee until he was asked if he was surprised he didn’t get the call advantage generally reserved for the star team.

“I have to ask them,” Randell said of the referee team made up of Scott Foster, Mark Lindsay and Jason Goldenberg. “I don’t know what they are seeing. As brave as I played, attacking the paint, I can’t be penalized for being stronger than I play. And that’s an answer I got today.”

Randall said the team told him that his height and strength were the reason he wasn’t getting more calls.

“They said because a particular connection doesn’t affect me as much as it affects other players,” Randell said. “Since I’m stronger, they don’t make calls.”

“It makes me even more angry,” Randall said when asked about his reaction when he heard this. “To be honest with you, because that’s not how you run the game.”

While Randle was calm when he spoke to reporters after the match, Thibodeau was clearly upset and frustrated. The Knicks coach mentioned how the Nets went to the free throw line 25 times compared to the Knicks’ 12 trips.

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But what really pissed Tibodo off is how Randall is ruled.

“I want to see the video, but … something is not right,” Tibodo said. “I do not know [por qué]. I do not know. I’m watching what happens both ways. [Los Nets] They are a good team. They played well. But I know Julius handles the ball very hard.

“I am upset.”

Randle was accused of a technical foul with 1:36 left in the quarter after he thought he had fouled a missed shot and tied the match at 105. Kevin Durant (27 points) He shot 18 feet after that and then sank the coach’s free throw called Randle.

The Knicks members reached out to calm Randall during the break.

“I saw what happened,” Randall said when asked about the technical error. “Everyone saw what happened. I don’t need to talk about it. Everyone saw what happened.”

Randle has said several times that he doesn’t want the focus to be on the referees. But he described what it was like for him as young defenders tried to protect him.