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La Casa de Papel 5 release date and latest news |  cast |  Season 4 |  Awards |  Tokyo |  Denver |  Raquel Murillo |  last season |  Netflix |  Season 5 |  lbposting |  TVMAS

La Casa de Papel 5 release date and latest news | cast | Season 4 | Awards | Tokyo | Denver | Raquel Murillo | last season | Netflix | Season 5 | lbposting | TVMAS


The first part of “La casa de papel” opens on September 3 and the second on December 3.

Watch the trailer for Season 1 of Season 5

Summary of the fifth season of “LA CASA DE PAPEL”

Locked up in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours, the band manage to save Lisbon but face one of their worst moments after losing one of them. The Professor is captured by Sierra and, for the first time, has no escape plan. When it seems that nothing can get worse, a new enemy far more powerful than any previous enemy will arrive: the army. The end of the largest robbery in history is near, and what started as a robbery is now turning into a war.

6000 bars were produced and millions of 50 euro banknotes were printed to be tossed on the streets of Madrid.

In addition to Spain, it was filmed in Thailand, Denmark, Panama, Portugal, Italy and the UK, where the flooded camera images of the Bank of Spain were shot.

The effort was enormous and during these years, it was filmed at 300 locations in 7 countries.

“It’s so rich to make ‘La casa de papel’ costumes because each character has nothing to do with the character next to it. It was a great challenge to dress up all the characters individually and then as a group, with that icon being a red romper”, says Carlos Diez, in charge of costume design.

“We are always looking for icons. You have to distinguish yourself in some way, you have to have your own identity and your DNA”says Alex Pena, the creator of this production, who asserts that the red “monkey” has always been around since the first script.

In a Netflix teaser, we appreciated how Palermo tells Denver: “Say goodbye to her” Then we saw how the former secretary and former partner of “Arturito” were badly injured as a result of the beatings they were subjected to by the army.


As we’ve seen since season two of “La casa de papel,” Mónica Gaztambide or better known in the heist world as “Stockholm” has long been associated with Denver.

Alvaro Morte said in a previous interview: “The teacher was a very strange young man, a very lonely young man and what happened to the band and finding love is a really small chapter in his life. If we talk about the end of the character, I think in a moment I would like to see him return to that loneliness, that one life he is most used to and in which he seems more comfortable “.


Perhaps it is the character, in which it is not believed that he could die.

In the preview we saw how the character Rodrigo de la Serna is developing is attacked by special envoys, although of course, as we can recall, Helsinki promised that she did not intend to lose anyone else after the Nairobi murder.


Among the main theories that Money Heist fans have been telling us is that it’s Jaime Lorente’s character, Denver, who could die in the final season of the Spanish series.

The production decided that “a bitch loves” was no longer going on and that it ended with a bullet in the forehead.

What characters can die in “LA CASA DE PAPEL 5”?

Throughout the seasons of “La Casa de Papel”, we’ve seen this epic stand out as completely unexpected.

In one of the first photos, Lisbon is shown dressed as other teammates and inside the Bank of Spain, as shown in the final episode of Season 4 of Money Heist.

In the teaser released by Netflix on August 2, it was possible to see how the professor and his friends are in serious trouble.

Less and less is missing in the premiere of the first five episodes of “La Casa de Papel”. What will happen to the professor? Who will be the new characters in this new version? Find out that and much more in this note.