August 7, 2022

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La Presa explains why it premiered on Disney+ and not in theaters

La Presa explains why it premiered on Disney+ and not in theaters

There are only a few days left before it opens. predator: prey in Disney +. distance Very positive comments At last Comic-Con, many are wondering why the new installment of the “Predator” franchise was released live without going through theaters first. your boss Dan Trachtenberg Now he wants to explain the reasons.

“This is a real movie”

Of course, the person in charge is also 10 Cloverfield Street He is immersed in the promotional campaign for his new feature film. The thing that interests us now is an interview given to Ibrox Which, for example, illustrates that The movie was made with the idea that it would be an experience to enjoy in the cinema:

We made it a great theatrical experience, and on the downside, it wouldn’t be released that way. So you can’t see it in the cinema, but on the plus side, what you get in your living room is a massive cinematic experience. It’s not one of those live video clips. He’s like, “This is a real movie.”

Furthermore, Trachtenberg also commented:There are so many places people want to try, I hate to say the word content… they want things to feel special“. The last sentence is the keyWell, the movie Predator: La Presa premiered on Hulu in the US and in this regard also notes that:

So Hulu didn’t really have… There wasn’t a 20th Studios franchise out yet. So they hope to power the platform to say, “We don’t just shoot small, low-budget films. This is also a place for a massive cinematic experience.”

Come on, the fact that “Predator: La Presa” is seen live in the broadcast is still an attempt to highlight the platform, to make it feel more relevant to the audience.

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