June 23, 2024

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Laura Escanes abandona las redes sociales por su salud mental

Laura Escanes quits social networking due to her mental health

These are not easy days for Laura Escanes since several days ago she did not stop receiving many criticisms on social networks. That is why the well-known influencer decided to put an end to this situation and did so by abandoning her favorite platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. The young woman explains that she is doing this to take care of her mental health because she is under a lot of pressure.

The person from Barcelona wanted to explain this decision directly. “I’m going off the grid for a few weeks. So many things in so little time and I can’t pretend I’m always strong. I love you,” Laura Escanis posted mid-morning on her Twitter profile. The ad touched thousands of his followers who enjoyed the content that the 25-year-old is generating on a daily basis. After these words, Risto Mejide’s wife was only seen on Instagram to talk about ‘TortillaLand’, the new Minecraft series by AuronPlay and Perxitaa. About the starter of the tortilla. From the moment they announced and invited me, I already told you that I have some flights in August and it could be in September. So in principle we will see each other in September,” via Escanes.

“And yes, it’s a great opportunity, but remember (and remind myself too) that the most important thing is everyone’s mental health,” the young woman explains.. Clearly, his mental health will always be at the forefront of any social network and any career venture. Now we just have to wait if the return of Laura Escanes to the world of social networks will take place in September or, on the contrary, we will have to wait a little longer. “I dont care opinions, Scope or time if I’m not feeling well. Take care of yourself so you can give your best when you’re ready,” he concludes.

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Criticism of her daughter’s dress

The latest controversy surrounding Laura Escanes Her main character is the dress she chose for her daughter Roma During a cut-off day in Cerdanya. Many users considered that the little girl was too warm compared to her mother; Indeed, the influencer made herself defend with a powerful message. Resto Megidi’s wife replied, “She complained about the wind on her bike (she didn’t pedal and I was sweating)”. The response drew widespread applause from the rest of the users who fully understood the reason given by the young woman.