April 13, 2024

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LeBron James and the 40,000-point barrier in the NBA: the new king's mark falling

LeBron James and the 40,000-point barrier in the NBA: the new king's mark falling

Milestones and records are part of LeBron James' career. One of legendary durability, and a longevity that seems to never end. On his way to turning 40 and immersed in his 21st season in the NBA, 'the king' He has incredible averages: 25'3 points, 7.1 rebounds, 7.9 assists, 1.2 steals and 0.6 blocks. And it doesn't stop there: he also makes 52.5% of field goals and 40.8% of threes, the latter the best number of his career. An exceptional level on the basketball court where he also received the first MVP of the seasonal tournament in Las Vegas, which will celebrate an unprecedented edition. The Lakers won Which, however, has many problems, because it is immersed in the struggle for it Playing in And a long way from the top positions in the Western Conference.

This won't stop LeBron from setting a new record. He is already the best scorer in NBA history, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's previous record of 38,387 points last season. Now, “The King” James is 9 points away from 40,000 points, making him the first player ever to reach that mark. In the count that only counts the annotation of Regular semester. LeBron is expected to exceed this mark in the match that the Lakers will play Early Saturday-Sunday (2:30 a.m.) against the current champion: Denver Nuggets. It is undoubtedly an amazing achievement that defines well the type of basketball player we are talking about.

It would mark another milestone in LeBron's career, which has marked an incredible story in the best league in the world. He is also the team's top scorer Playoffs The finals he visited on 10 occasions, eight of them in a row. And not only that: he won four rings, four Finals MVP titles, the same number of season wins, one top scorer title, and another top assist title… In addition to adding 20 stars, which is another historical record that once again surpasses Karim. A series of unbeatable brands that live up to the legend of one of the greatest brands of all time. A star that is still active and never stops growing.

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