July 5, 2022

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leg sandwich |  EL PAÍS Weekly: Gastronomy

leg sandwich | EL PAÍS Weekly: Gastronomy

Leftovers have seen better times, in the past these less noble pieces would end up in traditional stews in almost all homes. But without a doubt, the act of consciousness is to devour all parts of an animal.

ingredients for four people)

For veal leg: 2 veal thighs.

For the end and presentation: 8 crunchy legs. cooked leg. Split pepper. Arugula, mustard or similar leaves. 20 grams of cream cheese.


calf leg: Cook veal legs in a pressure cooker for 2½ hours. With a sharp knife, make a longitudinal incision on the leg and open the skin, trying to remove it without breaking it; Bone and retaining inner part. Divide the inside of the stem into irregular pieces about 6 x 6 cm long and set aside. Fry the remainder of the skin in a non-stick skillet over medium heat, and place between baking sheets until cooked through. Also divide this skin, now crunchy, into 6 x 6 cm squares.

End and presentation

→ Arrange four chips and put the hot cooked leg, arugula, mustard leaves and a little cream cheese and finish with a little Ispelita pepper. Cover with another crunchy leg.

From “Corpse to Sweets” to spoiled novels and gourmet stoves, each menu protects a portion of someone else’s life

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