July 14, 2024

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Leigh-Anne (Little Mix) gives birth and everyone gets a nice surprise |  love 40

Leigh-Anne (Little Mix) gives birth and everyone gets a nice surprise | love 40

pregnancy perrie edwards And Lien She had followers simple mixing. Thanks to the two members of the girl group, Family Blender Increases. Two days ago, the first of them shared the news of the birth son of a bull, which is undoubtedly celebrated by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

but, When will your partner’s baby arrive? Well, the truth is that Lee-Ann gave birth on August 16, but we didn’t hear the news until 23 years old. The news that, in addition, came with a surprise included.

The British have published a more tender picture of four baby feet holding the hands of Lee Anne herself and her boy Andre Gray. Yes, you read that correctly: Four-footed babies. Lee Ann has twins!

“We asked for one miracle and they gave us two. compartments They are here. 08/16/21 “It says in the photo description. Responses were flooded with messages of affection, not only from his fans, but also from friends and colleagues.

Jade, the third member of Little Mix, wanted to spend a few minutes with her friend before the good news they gave us. To do so, share some sweet words through his Instagram Story that show that their relationship is beyond professional. “My heart is overflowing with my sisters. I’m so proud of these women for getting pregnant like queens, and for bringing these little baby mixes into the world. I love you. I really want to be an amazing Jade Aunt.”, Dice.

Perry and Lee Ann’s pregnancy became known in early May. They both decided not to overlap their advertisements but to do so in an overlapping manner and close in time. The mixers They didn’t give credit and little by little they were assuming that their favorite artists would give birth to those who are probably the girl group’s biggest fans.

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Now we’ll have to wait to find out the names of Lee-Ann’s children and to see the faces of the new family members Blender. !! our end!!