August 19, 2022

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Lena Headey sued for $1.5 million and was excluded from Thor 4

Lena Headey sued for $1.5 million and was excluded from Thor 4

Lina Headeya star Game of thronesIt was A lawsuit for $1.5 million by his previous Agency Acting, troika. As explained by the agency, is the amount you give Unpaid commissions Related to a series of TV and movie projects such as Thor: Love and Thunder. As shown diverseHBO fiction translator Cersei Lannister owes more than half a million dollars for her latest work on the aforementioned Marvel production.

Lena Headey got involved in a legal problem that could harm her career

Lena Headey’s former representatives have clarified that the actress owes the agency at least $500,000equivalent to his fee of 7%, for the fee he received from Marvel Studios after participating in Thor: Love and Thunder. curiously, Heidi was seen cut from the last montage of Taika WaititiTherefore, it will not appear in the version released in theaters. Critics praised Waititi’s bravery in this new journey with the God of Thunderbut the shots, which were lighter than other occasions, seemed to end with Plots, characters and entire planets.

With Lena Headey out of the picture, the movie begins with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman next week. The actress’ career will go through a series of very important pits after her departure from the Troika, which is now baptized as and MUa British representative agency left 2020. According to the talent company, Lena Headey’s contract terms were very clear and expenses In aspects of commissioning were more than clear. The actress owes more than 500,000 dollars for Thor: Love and Thunder And about $300,000 each 9 bulletsa work tape in which he ran into Sam Worthington. The agency could have gotten these papers when the actress was on their payroll.

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The agency is demanding 1.5 million commissions for roles such as Thor: Love and Thunder and TV series

In addition, the UK company claims a An additional $650,000 was paid for the lead role in the series Rita, adapted from a Danish production of the same name. The actress was going to embody the great protagonist, but The Showtime series was canceled after the pilot. in his defense, Heidi claims that he has not signed any contract with the Troika and that both parties were acting under a verbal agreement. In addition, it demonstrates that It is represented by the Civil Aviation Authority of the United States. Many of the papers and fees claimed are meaningless at all.

Heidi denies the right of the troika to ask for money for his participation in the Marvel movie, where it was Taika Waititi who was directly approached to be in the Thor sequel. In addition, he notes that Rita’s condition is bloody, as it was shown that she paid what she owed under the contract because only one episode was shot. The case may go to court and develop over the next few months.