July 1, 2022

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Lesnar returns at the same point: Reigns will fight at SummerSlam

Lesnar returns at the same point: Reigns will fight at SummerSlam

Friday’s episode of SmackDown had several points of interest. The sports car was one, but it was overshadowed. this friday, Vince McMahon has left his position as CEO of WWE while the company conducts an investigation into alleged payments by the chairman to a female worker to obtain her silence over alleged abuse. Stephanie, her daughter, is in charge in the meantime. Surprisingly enough, Vince wanted to open the show instead of being silent. The message he sent was clear, he wanted to thank the fans and left. “You always do justice to the words we use in the opening. Before that, now, always, and above all togetherHe gestured before leaving the ring to applause.

As Vince’s moment passed, Roman Reigns’ first defense as a unified champion moved to center stage. Riddle came out to warm her up, and Sami Zayn is still circling the champ and confirming that he’s part of the team… and they fought back. sIdle and Reigns had a good fight, but there was no surprise and Roman won. In the end, the hero confirmed that he cleaned up the company and at that moment Brock Lesnar’s music played. ‘The Beast’ hasn’t appeared since losing to Reigns at WrestleMania. He entered and applied F5 to the owner of the WWE Championship and Universal Championship. Will there be a new battle? There will be. WWE confirmed minutes later, on social media, that Lesnar will challenge Reigns again at SummerSlam (July 30) and will do so in a Match: Last Man Standing.

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What happened in the rest of the program, it was logical, was overshadowed by the above. Most notably, Adam Pierce resolved a mess last week. Drew McIntyre and Seamus He suffered a double disqualification last week and the authority confirmed that both would be in the fight for money in the bank’s portfolio (July 2). Meanwhile, the list of women Rachel Rodriguez He got a ticket to that stair fight by defeating Shayna Baszler. On the other hand, a duel between Sami Zayn and Nakamura and another between Alia and Shutzi. Both will be eligible for Money in the Bank. As if that wasn’t enough, Vikings and Gunter invaders Ricochet will give the rematch Intercontinental Championship. As for the rest of the battles, New Day (Kings Xavier and Kofi Kingston) defeated Jinder Mahal, Shanky and moss hat madness It was imposed on Corbyn. Once the duel was over, Moss taunted Corbyn and took it down on commentators, specifically Buck McAfee.