June 16, 2024

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Liam Gallagher bruised face after helicopter accident

Liam Gallagher bruised face after helicopter accident

Liam Gallagher It’s one of those names in the music industry that has always been associated with controversy. And although this time he appeared in the news again for something that had nothing to do with his profession, it seemed to be an involuntary thing. The man from Manchester appeared on his social media showing bruises on his face, including a giant plaster, which has alarmed his followers. The artist confirms that the accident was due to a helicopter accident.

Members oasis They were surprised to see a selfie of Liam Gallagher with his face with scrapes, bruises, cream spread all over his face and a huge bandage covering his nasal septum. His face wasn’t a reflection of happiness either, so many were frightened as they didn’t know what was wrong with him.

“Well watch out for that, last night you fell out of the helicopter and you couldn’t write it. Everything is fine. Who said rock ‘n’ roll is dead? Keith Moon, eat your racket. Come on, you know,” he wrote in a Twitter message where he carried The photo, explaining that at least he did not lose his sense of humor.

And this at first glance, knowing the history of battles and discussions that Liam Gallagher Since he became famous with Oasis, many probably thought his appearance was due to a new fight. But this time it was all as a result of an accident that supposedly occurred when he boarded the helicopter that was supposed to take him to his concert at the Isle of Wight Festival on September 17.

To prove that the recovery was good and that there was nothing to worry about, the artist posted another descriptive image: a bottle of beer (by the way, a Spanish brand). “What doesn’t kill you makes your condolences,” he wrote in the new Twitter message.

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