August 16, 2022

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Live Transfer Market: Registrations, Cancellations, Renewals and Feedback |  Today's last minute

Live Transfer Market: Registrations, Cancellations, Renewals and Feedback | Today’s last minute

Orbelín Pineda, to Celta

This announcement has been expected for a long time and it is official: Orbelín Pineda is a new Celta player. In Vigo they receive the “magic and versatility” of the Celestial Attack and sign until 2027, the club explains. So says the statement:

The charm and versatility of Orbelín Pineda will drive the attack of RC Celta, who opens this winter transfer window with his arrival, after concluding his contract with Cruz Azul, from Mexican International. Orbelín Pineda (Coyuca de Catalán, (24/03/1996) signs until June 2027 and reaches the Celestial supported team with an extraordinary career marked by several league and cup titles, the Gold Cup and the CONCACAF Champions League.

With the Mexican national team, he has already exceeded 40 games and contributed six goals and made many passes, while he scored 32 goals in the league for his country and made 29 assists.

Urbelin Pineda, “Magueto” is a versatile soccer player who plays easily in attack He is successful on both the wings and the inside and can also occupy the position of a midfielder. He has great technical terms, hence the nickname Magician, and a brilliant vision of the game, qualities that have propelled him to a resounding success in his country.

Mexican International sIt will be immediately incorporated into training from the team to shorten his adaptation period to the maximum, a task for which he will have the valuable support of his teammate, Nestor Araujo.”