January 19, 2022

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An app for kids to learn math while playing in a medieval world

An app for kids to learn math while playing in a medieval world

(Photo: Oracle Sports)

a The educational way of learning is playingStudying in this way is associated with something interesting and not a boring and heavy task. This is where the app came from oracle sports It appeared as a game for both boys and girls to take part in.

It Free app for AndroidAvailable on the Google Play Store, primary school minors can play while reviewing their math lessons.

is set in Medieval world, with legendary characters, which the little ones must solve through adventures Mental math problems, geometry, mathematical understanding, geometric shapes And in some episodes, Universal History.

As they progress, they accumulate points, climb levels and receive rewards such as powers and abilities while trying the game.

Oracle Sports Game (Photo: Play Store)
Oracle Sports Game (Photo: Play Store)

The idea of ​​the game is that the user Battle with the characters, testing their ability to perform problem-solving strategies and exercises. When children successfully solve the exercises, they become members of the Magic Order.”

Designed for children to have fun while learning, while allowing teachers, parents and guardians to motivate children through technology to improve their learning, using principles learning s gami cación.

The game can be enjoyed online or offline and consists of two parts:

training department: You face various problems that test your mathematical abilities.

adventure section: Show their skills against 6 opponents, as they will show through the card game that they are the best.

Oracle Sports in the Play Store (Image: Play Store)
Oracle Sports in the Play Store (Image: Play Store)

This strategy has worked and has been explored as a technology option to review or learn different topics through digital platforms.

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the Motivation consists of developing specific applications of video games in academic subjects To motivate students to achieve goals with small rewards in a fun, friendly digital environment.

Juan Pablo Vega, head of business planning at etermax, an international technology company that develops video games – with more than 800 million historical downloads worldwide – noted that the intent of the incentivization is to “apply the same ‘game design’ techniques to experiences that aren’t games, It seeks to generate the same cognitive biases as video games.”

Controller connected to a mobile phone to play (Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)
Controller connected to a mobile phone to play (Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

For this, the sector uses, on the one hand, The psychological tendency of the human mind towards games On the other hand, the experience that is collected from video games.

“Earning points,” Vega explained, “getting a life” or “going to the next level” by completing a topic, is the simplest translation of what is gamification in education.

This expert focuses on The interest and interaction that the game arouses Whoever plays it, combined with the idea of ​​​​progress that increases attention and makes A more friendly and natural user experienceto. “All of this reduces friction and increases the time students spend in the game, which improves their understanding, retention and uptake of the curriculum,” he added.

Many academic articles agree with this This system can improve the brain’s ability to process new information for its audiovisual presentation, Form small doses of planned information and its repetitive patterns.

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