August 7, 2022

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Thor and Jane Foster's armor leak

Thor and Jane Foster’s armor leak

After a good start, stage 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe Preparing to enter a year with many stories to tell. Spider-Man: There is no room for home, Next to loki, laying the narrative foundations for the multiverse, and Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Will keep the focus on the phenomenon. However, we must not take our eyes off another long-awaited feature film: Thor: Love and Thunder.

As the months go by, anticipation for the new adventure of the God of the Throne will continue to grow. In fact, with the material released this week, we’re sure the movie will start to attract more reflectors. This is in reddit They leaked what Thor and Jane Foster would look like Thor: Love and Thunder. They both look amazing, and in the case of Christopher Hemsworth’s character, his armor is very different from what we’re used to.

If you expect the character to maintain that a look The grotesque surprised many, you can rest assured. The super hero has regained his shape and form Thor: Love and Thunder A new shield will appear. It stands out, above all, by its blue color with golden details, while the head is very similar to the color we saw in previous films. Remember that this This will be the last time we see the character in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseAnd what better way to say goodbye to him in cool clothes.

Jane Foster will not be left behind. The heroine who will play again Natalie Portman, will wear armor somewhat inspired by the look of the comics. However, the thing that goes unnoticed in the illustration is what he has in his left hand. Yes, this is Mjörlnir. why? The character will take the iconic hammer to become the new Thor.

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If the epidemic allows it, panorama is not fully guaranteed at this time, Thor: Love and Thunder Will premiere day July 22 2022 Exclusively in cinemas. However, before we can enjoy Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness (5 May).