May 23, 2022

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Lola Índigo announces her first autobiographical documentary: "La Niña" |  a musician

Lola Índigo announces her first autobiographical documentary: “La Niña” | a musician

He confirmed this through his social networks which gave a big surprise to every legion of his followers. Next May 13 Mimi Duplass His first biographical documentary will be shown on his music project as Lola Indigo.

The premiere in which the artist has been working intensively for a long time and this will now allow her most loyal audience as well as those who do not know her to get a little closer to her origins and find out what is happening behind the scenes.

“May 13 on PrimeVideoES 💞 The Girl 💞 Whole World Documentary The story of how a girl dreamed of it and made it come true ✨ It was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done in my life Thank you @fremantleesp for the opportunity” he posted on his official Instagram profile.

The script is accompanied by a small teaser of only half a minute in which we see that the documentary will not go alone About preparing his latest album, and his awesome collaboration with Tini and Belinda Or her great presentation tour but also about how a young woman made her dreams of being at the top come true thanks to her work with music and dance.

“I knew I had something very strong inside of me. I took the best, the brave, the capable, I took the singer and put her on stage … If it seemed important to me to do a song about my friends, well, I’ll do it. But everything else, girl , Mimi, is what really matters,” I heard Myriam Duplass explain in various excerpts what her documentary would be like.

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There is no doubt that the La Niña stage was very important in her music career. The stage opened at LOS40 Primavera Pop where the song was first shown. After wrapping up a successful year of 2021, Lula kicks off 2022 in style with shows and concerts across Spain. One of her biggest successes was School Girl, as it became a hymn to women’s empowerment which, obviously, Conquered No. 1 of LOS40.

Will we discover in La Niña El Documentental any information about Mimi Dublas’ past that we did not know? We’ll have to wait to find out.