August 17, 2022

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Lopez Obrador reveals his message to the Magi: health, brotherhood, and values

This content was published on 05 Jan 2022 – 16:16

Mexico City, Jan. 5 (EFE). – The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, said this Wednesday that among his wishes for the Three Wise Men are health for Mexicans, the preservation of values, and that people remain good in brotherhood.

“Health number one, we should be grateful that this new alternative (Omicron), although highly contagious, is not very dangerous, and that is the first thing: health. Not only to counteract this type of pandemic but in general, said the President in response to a question about This topic during his morning press conference “let’s be healthy”.

He hoped that all Mexicans would be healthy “because we don’t want anyone to be hospitalized and sick,” he said.

As a second wish, Lopez Obrador asked that the people of Mexico continue to “preserve cultural, moral and spiritual values.”

And finally, he said, that people are still good and brotherly, generous, “we practice love of neighbour.”

In addition, the president took the opportunity to criticize the wishes of children, who are currently demanding video games or technology and suggested that they order more clothes and shoes because “Melcor, Gaspar and Balthasar don’t want to be the delivery of electronic devices that are used to watch soap operas with violent content.”

And he sent his love to all the children whom he asked to continue in the faith, for he said, You cannot live without faith.

“There should always be something in front of us, walking even if it turns out to be a utopia, which is the most important thing,” he added.

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On December 30, the president had already listed his wishes for 2022. Among them was the end of the pandemic and that they were no longer losing their lives to the coronavirus, as well as continuing the country’s cultural power and reducing their poverty. EFE

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