May 19, 2022

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Los dos Carnales: Ricardo Arjona, the band's new dream |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Los dos Carnales: Ricardo Arjona, the band’s new dream | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame

In recent years, the Mexican regional genre is constantly growing and new groups are gaining notoriety, such as which has gained a good number of followers, who are doing their best to be close to them and their music shows.

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Growing up as a band, North American artists have done many collaborations with different artists, including those who sing different genres of music, but are dreaming of an idyllic dream.

Which is that Los dos Carnales was filled with praise and admiration for it . Furthermore, they revealed that they dream about a song with him.

Ricardo Arjona will give a concert in Venezuela. (Photo: Gatty Images)

Carnation dream

During an interview with Los dos Carnales, Poncho and Emmanol realized that one of their favorite singers is the Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona, who is already a well-known artist.

However, the band also realizes that the Central American artist may not know them or have never heard their music, although hope is the last thing to lose.

“The philosophy of writing and the method of interpretation despite the years is still in force, it is a perfect artist. Without a doubt, I think that, on my behalf and in the name of my brother, as well as my colleagues, it is clear that the Lord agrees”they confirmed.

Why liquor quit alcohol?

In the video posted earlier ma grandson As part of your part “Wednesday Cocktail”The group came as guests to prepare an aperitif alcoholic drink; However, they could not test it, as he announced, none of them drank alcohol.

This statement surprised YouTube greatly, and he replied: How can they get on stage without alcohol?In fact, I envy him.” what or what Quesada Poncho He replied that they had never done this before, only that they drank constantly at the beginning of the epidemic, so now they prefer to avoid it.

In an epidemic, we drink all alcohol Now we are trying to calm down a bit, we already have a lot of work to do and we are scoring too.”Emmanuel and Poncho explained.

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