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What will happen when the truth is revealed? If you want to know what’s happening in this second season of ‘Love is in the Air’, you can’t miss your date. Monday through Friday at 5:45 p.m. (Spanish time), at Divinity.

Serkan meets Kraz, daughter of EDA

However, there is something that Eda will not be able to and will not want to tell Serkan. Kiraz, the girl who was born shortly after their breakup is their big secret. What Ida does not imagine is that the first meeting between the businessman and the girl has already taken place. He was about to run over the little girl when she was leaving a path in the middle of the woods. Of course, out of fear, the little girl showed that she was an arms girl who should take it. Just like her mother! In this first meeting, the girl pushes Serkan to the extreme, just as her mother did on the day she met him. And just as I did, she conquered him. Serkan succumbed to the self-confidence and rudeness of that only five-year-old girl.

There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen, new chapters will have to explain what happened all those years. Another big question that needs to be answered is the hero’s illness. As he recalled, in the previous season it was revealed that he had a tumor.

It should be noted that while “Love Is in the Air” finished the first part in Spain, the second season has already been broadcast in Turkey since June 9, 2021.

When will the second season of ‘Love is in the Air’ of pluralism kick off?

The second season of “Love Is in the Air” aired on Monday, August 9th at 5:45 PM in Spain. For now, he will only be seen through divinity.

“Love is in the air” has made a real army of followers who do not miss any details of the story between Eda and Serkan, performed by Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, respectively, who after the success of the novel have become a celebrity. Moment.

The first season of “Love Is in the Air” (“Sen Çal Kapımı” in its original language) lowered the curtains on August 6 in Spain, but a few days later, the curtain was raised again by Divinity to receive the second installment, which runs five years after Ida’s trip. Sarkan last.

The second season of “Love Is in the Air” begins with a five-year leap, in which Eda and Serkan are once again separated.

After a shocking finale on Friday, August 6th, Divinity brought us the second season of ‘Love is in the Air’. Find out in this minute by minute everything that happened in Chapter 122.

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