June 16, 2024

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Tesla Model Y Finally Officially Arrives in Europe - News - Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Tesla Model Y Finally Officially Arrives in Europe – News – Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

the Tesla Model Y It was named to be one of the brand’s best-selling models in California along with the Model 3. Although we’ve been hearing about its arrival in Europe for a long time, it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Tesla Model Y is now available on the Old Continent, as confirmed on the social network Linkedin by one of the company’s European executives. At the moment, it will only reach a few countries, first Germany.

In Spain, it will take a little longer to receive the first units, The first Model Y is expected to land by the end of summer To be delivered to your client’s patients. The wait has become so long due to a series of delays, that these first units will not leave the Giga factory in Berlin, as they will be imported from China.

Which is that it was always thought that the European Tesla Model Y would be produced on European soil, but at the moment this will not be the case. for several months It will be the factory in China that derives part of the production for the ancient continent. The units will arrive with a dropper initially, although once the Berlin plant is operational, deliveries will undergo a strong acceleration. At least that’s to be expected.

Tesla Model Y.

This change in approach has been necessary since then Tesla You need to launch Model Y manufacturing as soon as possible in all possible markets. The operating cost will be more expensive due to the complex logistics of bringing cars in from China, but it will still be worth it for the company’s profit numbers. The data that, by the way, will be added to the file Excellent achievements in the second quarter.

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As for the rest, there will be no changes at all. The Model Y will be the same as we have always known it except that it will not be manufactured on European soil. We repeat that, at least for now. The starting price is 64,000 euros for the highly autonomous model with twin engine and all-wheel drive and 505 kilometers of estimated autonomy. The most expensive in the family will be the €70,000 Y Performance. It is fitted with a twin engine, all-wheel drive system, and a reduced autonomy of up to 480 kilometers thanks to better performance.

A cheaper version is expected to arrive with a single engine and rear wheels next year. Its price should drop to figures close to 55,000 euros, with no government offers or aid. For now, there are a few margins to know, such as the production quality of those first units assembled in China. It also remains to be seen when it will finally arrive in Spain, and whether the change in production affects potential scheduled deliveries. Little by little we will discover everything.