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Lucero and Manuel Mijares' divorce inspired two songs by singers |  people |  entertainment

Lucero and Manuel Mijares’ divorce inspired two songs by singers | people | entertainment

Lucero and Manuel Mijares admitted if their breakup inspired new songs.

Although they currently have a very friendly relationship, Lucero and Manuel Mijares did not get along at all after their divorce in 2011. So much so that their status could have inspired them to develop “hot” songs to dedicate to the other.

During the participation of both artists in the Televisa talent show, defiant, They referred to the topic and They talked about whether their breakup inspired new songs, according to Publishing from Infobae.

Mijares has been questioned about whether he actually dedicated the song “You had me” to Lucero, which was released a year after their split. The singer denied this, arguing that the song is not his own. Of course it’s not mine, said Megaris, “and it wasn’t meant for someone else,” Although the lyrics of the song coincided with what was happening with the newlyweds.

For his part, Lucero, as on previous occasions, described the song as “very bad”. He added that the only thing What was missing was that Megaris wished him dead as part of the melody.

Manuel Mijares has revealed little-known aspects of his divorce from Lucero

The artist revealed during the program that she wrote a song for her ex-husband, because she felt resentment with him from the first song he released, which is: Burning. And I actually did one after that which was called “You Can’t Love Like This”.

Lucero’s confession surprised many who commented on what happened on social networks and even They made memes for the situation.

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Manuel Mijares on his relationship with Lucero: We love each other very much

Lucero dedicated an emotional congratulations to Megares

About the great participation of his followers on social networking sites, The artist decided to thank them for “accompanying” them throughout the second night of the show: “After such a beautiful and unforgettable night, with so many emotions with El Retador, it’s time to rest,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “Thank you for everything and for your support and for always accompanying me,” he added. (I)