May 19, 2022

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Soy yo, Don Omar's new premiere with Cuban duo Gente de Zona and Puerto Rican Wisin

Soy yo, Don Omar’s new premiere with Cuban duo Gente de Zona and Puerto Rican Wisin

Photo: RRSS

Text: Cuba Newsroom 360

Legendary Puerto Rican reggae player Don Omar has presented a new video for his song Soy yo, a collaboration with fellow Puerto Rican Wisin and Cuban duo Gente de Zona.

The theme was released this week across all digital platforms and everything is indicating that it could be one of the hottest dance songs of the summer.

Soy yo fuses urban and tropical rhythms, with a touch of Wisin’s rap and the freshness of Cubans Randy Malcolm and Alexander Delgado.

Don Omar, one of the pioneers of the genre, has practically “disappeared” for years after legal disputes with his record company over the rights to some of his songs.

He announced his comeback with his song Flow HP, alongside Residente, where he made his debut as a rapper.

In addition, he also allied himself with one of the other advocates of the moment: Nio García.

“I am enjoying this point where I am collaborating with colleagues I have not worked with before,” said William Rivera, the real name of King of Kings.

In a statement, translator Bobre Diabla confirmed that his new project is to “meet a group of friends who work and have a lot of fun doing what we’re passionate about: music.”

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