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Ana Paola Consorti insulted Prunella Horna at her home, according to Janet Barboza

Ana Paola Consorti insulted Prunella Horna at her home, according to Janet Barboza

Anna Paola Consorti made it clear that she would not have a friendship with Prunella Horna. According to what he explained to the 'Amor y Fuego' cameras, what he did not like about the blonde was that she spoke things that were not true, so he decided to distance himself from her even though she was his wife. Richard Acunathe current president of Paulo Guerrero.

After revealing these details, the model's colleagues in 'America Hoy' did not hesitate to come forward to defend her, giving details that were not known about the Brazilian. according to Janet BarbozaPrunella was present, if only for a moment, at the meeting that the footballer had with Richard.

The famous “Roletos” said that Ana Paula Consorti arrived at Acuña’s house with an arrogant attitude, as if she were managing the “Predator” career, so she demanded that the businessman terminate the contract immediately. “Ana Paula was very active and asked Richard Acuña to terminate the contract,” he said.

Prunella Horna and Ana Paola Consorti denied being friends.

Likewise, after completion of the said meeting, Janet Barboza He explained that Prunella horna He came down from his room to try to start a conversation with the Brazilian, so he asked her if she fully understood Spanish, since her native language was Portuguese. What the famous “Bibi Bron” never imagined was that she would be humiliated in her own home.

“At the end, Prunella came down to say goodbye to her guests and approached to talk to Ana Paula and said: ‘Do you understand Spanish, Ana Paula?’ And Ana Paula said to her: ‘I understand everything,’ and she looked at the wall,” said the presenter of the “América Hoy” program, expressing her complete rejection. For the dancer’s positions in that meeting.

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After listening to a story Janet Barboza, Valeria Square She was surprised by the attitude shown by Anna Paola Consorti towards the owner of the house, stressing that if they did this to her she would not speak to her again. “If someone made me so rude in my house, I would never speak to them again,” he said.

Janet Barboza defends Prunella Horna and criticizes Ana Paola Consorti.

in different times, Janet Barboza She has stated her opinion or what she thinks about the positions of Anna Paola Consorti, on previous occasions, in a case Mrs. Peta The person who did not want to live in Trujillo also came to describe it as “out of place.”

This time was not the exception. After he knew how he referred to his partner Prunella Horna, Janet Barboza He came to his defense and did not hesitate to criticize Consorti, pointing out that he is a spoiled person, and that we have previously seen that he tends on more than one occasion to “explosions.”

“We have a misplaced Anna Paola Consorti. I do not like pampered people, and I do not like to see someone with whims and passions,” he said. Janet Barboza In “America Hoy” where they played the song without an audience Prunella hornawho travels across Europe.

Anna Paula attacks Consorti Prunella Horna and ignores their friendship. | Love and Fire / America Today