April 12, 2024

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The return of glass animals to first place with "heat waves" |  40 to 1

The return of glass animals to first place with “heat waves” | 40 to 1

This Saturday, April 23. glass animals They returned to the number one spot on the official LOS40 list with heat waves. Last week they were in second place, so they only had to go up one step to regain first place, having already reached the 19th of April. So, the success of the British band now adds His second non-consecutive week in driving, out of 25 has in Schedule.

That’s what it says success Very successful, because although it was the last year when the topic began to gain attention around the world (It was number one in Australia And TikTok went viral), it was in March when he achieved his hardest part yet: Wake up to the top of the US chart after 59 weeks In this category: debuted on January 16, 2021 and reached number one on March 12, 2022. However You have set a recordBecause never before has another song taken so long to reach the top Since entering the list; So far, this honor has fallen all I Want for Christmas Is You , from Mariah Careywhich took 35 weeks to achieve in its 2019 re-release (the next release is Macarena (Bayside Boys mix), from These are from the river, which required 33 weeks). Total, heat waves Passed Five weeks in first place painting (Currently).

The thing doesn’t end there: These days when songs written and produced by big bands of professionals appear, heat waves he is It was written and produced by the group’s solo singer Dave Bailey. So the song is number one in painting With this condition since (wait!) happy, from Pharrell Williams, which reached number one on the US Singles Chart in March 2014 (eight years ago). If we talk about groups, the last time someone led a group of Hot 100 of painting With a song pushed solo by one of its components that was 1986; It was on the verge of Amanda rock band Boston. their leader, Tom Schulz, He wrote and produced the topic on his own. They were glass animals Nominated for Best New Ensemble at the latest edition of the Grammys, Who Bayley couldn’t attend She tested positive for coronavirus.

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It is commendable that in these days of resounding success, heat waves It has stood the test of time and continued to amass followers after a year and a half in the spotlight. It’s undoubtedly one of the songs that has stood out in recent months, and of course one of those Making history on the LOS40 list. !! our end!!