June 23, 2024

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Lucía, de 'La isla de las Tentaciones', pasa por el quirófano

Lucia, from The Island of Temptations, is undergoing surgery

Coming on Monday Mediaset The new sequel to “Island of Temptations”, under name “The Last Temptation”, Where many former contestants will test their love again in two luxury villas and with one purpose, they will return to Spain when they went to the Dominican Republic together.

One of the contestants is Lucia Sanchez, who announced a few weeks ago that he would undergo plastic surgery for Eliminate your “biggest compound”. It was now when he suddenly posted on social networks some pictures in which he confirmed it “Today is a great day to make dreams come true”Visit a clinic in Madrid.

chest surgery

Andalusian influencer almost wanted to share it with her 600,000 followers on Instagram His new step through the operating room. “I’m leaving, let’s go at last,” he began to explain before the operation. Intervene, as she herself admitted, not by size or by size, but by its place. “When I’m at my weight I like them, but when I lose weight they’re very ugly, to my taste”He added, referring to his chest.

It was a short process, because in just a few hours he actually showed a close-up of an intravenous line and sent a reassuring message to his fans: “Everything went well”.

Later, Lucia Sanchez explained through her stories that she will not give too many details about her operation, but will do so soon: “You ask me a lot about the operation. At the moment I can not answer everyone. I need to rest, but I will tell you all the details. “

Screenshot from Lucia Sanchez Stories.

Finally, he wanted to take a selfie from the train, writing: “Healing and home keeping”And it has marks on the chest, as he said: It’s a brand of bandages..

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