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Luis Miguel vs. Featherweight: Who earns more at each concert and who has more money

Luis Miguel vs. Featherweight: Who earns more at each concert and who has more money

Currently, Luis Miguel and Peso Pluma are the most successful Mexicans in music, but who is ahead of whom financially? Image: Twitter.

Luis Miguel and featherweight They are two of the most important Mexican singers in the history of national entertainment. Currently a translator lady gaga It breaks all records on digital platforms, while Mexico sun It characterized a generation of music fans during the 1980s and 1990s.

Although they are completely different artists, the Mexicans often compare them, as they both enjoy the honey of success. Luis Miguel is on a world tour, visiting the most important cities in Latin America, Mexico and the United States. His return to the stage after years of absence was successful.

For his part, Hassan Kabande Layga is conquering digital markets, making younger audiences fall in love with him and appearing at the most important music events around the world, such as Video Music Awards Or the Jimmy Fallon show in the US.

The truth is that there are characters that will be very helpful to fans when it comes time to argue while debating this topic.

The featherweight competes with the world’s most famous celebrities (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

There are some interesting facts about the amount of money Peso Pluma charges per live show. a few months ago, Julio Preciadoa famous Mexican regional singer, attacked a translator She is dancing alone For charging a sum he considered exorbitant: 15 million pesos per show.

“It’s also cheap because they have a trombone, a tuba and two harmonicas. What a fiasco, it’s even economical to do it (false passages). We have up to 30 musicians on stage. With five ‘monkeys’ he can raise millions of pesos… Last I know, the featherweight is asking 15 million pesos“How much will you charge for your concerts in Mexico?”

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This information was accompanied by a statement he made the wolf, another regional Mexican musician, revealed that his son asked him to hire Peso Pluma to sing at his birthday party; However, he had to abandon any negotiations when he learned of his rate: 20 million From Mexican Pesos per special offer.

Mexican singer Luis Miguel broke all possible records with his successful 2023 tour (Photo: REUTERS MUSIC-LUIS MIGUEL/)

There are some round numbers that Mexico sun Toured around the world in 2019: Mexico forever. According to what was reported by some portals, translated Now you can go He would return home after every show with an exorbitant sum of money.

Apparently, the Mexican accused Ben 950 thousand and 1 million dollarsthat is, more than 17 million Mexican pesos. This figure will be higher than the amount that Peso Pluma, according to Julio Preciado, charges from the audience per concert, but less than the 20 million it will charge per private show. Luis Miguel could be earning more money today.

Hassan Kabande Laja started his career in the world of music, and despite his impressive debut that put him in competition with artists of international stature like Shakira or Bad Bunny, he has not yet managed to create a scandalous fortune like that of others. Singers in the world.

Luis Miguel and Peso Pluma: two artists who left an impact on generations in Mexico (Instagram lxmlm/pesopluma)

According to some portals, the weight of a feather ranges between 10 and 15 million dollars In the bank, a number that allowed him to acquire a luxury estate consisting of houses, designer clothes and amazing cars.

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About the money he has Mexico sun There is more information in the bank. According to the portal Celebrity net worthtranslator Nice He has a number in his bank account very close to 180 million dollars. In this way we can conclude that despite the success that Peso Pluma has achieved with its songs in the international market, it is still not close to building multi-million dollar assets like that achieved by Peso Pluma. Mexico sun.

A few weeks ago, Hassan Kabande Laija expressed his respect to Luis Miguel on social media, describing him as the most successful Mexican singer of all time.