August 19, 2022

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Lula will have as much security as possible in the election campaign in Brazil

Lula will have as much security as possible in the election campaign in Brazil

The Public Order Foundation rated the Labor candidate’s vulnerability, that is, his potential for assault, as a fifth grader.

To decide how to distribute this money, the police will consider a risk scale ranging from one (lower risk) to five (higher), drawn up according to each claim to power and danger in the events on the agenda.

With the above, Lula will have the largest number of policemen, among agents and delegates, involved in his security: at least 27.

There is no maximum limit, and as many people as possible can be employed to meet the requirements that arise during the work.

The current security of the former labor leader, soldiers appointed by the Institutional Security Council of the Presidency of the Republic, is responsible for the protection of former heads of state.

This unit intensified monitoring of Lula after some recent events in Campinas, municipality of São Paulo, when protesters surrounded the car of the former union leader at lunchtime; Also in the southern state of Paraná, a deputy threatened him with death.

Long trips became undesirable and the location of the video was chosen taking into account the risks to the former professional.

This concern became apparent in the May 31 meeting with the applicants’ advisors, where Palestinian police representatives presented details of the plan.

The National Front announced that it would mobilize about 300 agents and armored vehicles and would invest about 57 million riyals (about $12 million) to ensure the security of the presidential candidates. The election campaign officially begins on August 15.

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One of the primary concerns is the movement of applicants across the country and programs that involve crowds, which opens a margin for attacking so-called lone wolves.

The climate of polarization on the streets, with protests by Bolsonaro fighters (supporters of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro) near business with Lula, is another source of concern.

In 2018, the police underestimated the dangers to presidential security. After the attack on Bolsonaro, a stab wound target in Juiz de Fora, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais (southeast), the company changed the way it dealt with the problem: it issued standard instructions to define general guidelines and decided to professionalize its cadres.

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