August 16, 2022

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Lydia and Hanna meet again

Lydia and Hanna meet again

Service and protection It has become one of the most successful daily stories in our country. And frankly, this is nothing less. Last Wednesday, January 12, we had the opportunity to enjoy Chapter 1128 where we saw how Martina tried by all means to persuade Victor Salas to part with Fernando Quintero.

After all, we were finally able to see what happens in episode 1129 of Service and Protection. note how The police prepared an operation so as not to miss any details of the meeting between Dario and Argos. Although it was finally time, the truth was that no one ever showed up.

Finally, at the last moment, The damn hacker has canceled this appointment. So the operation organized by the Southern District Police was exposed. Argos did not hesitate for a moment to threaten Dario with the end of his life. The young man is in danger now more than ever.

Hanna did not hesitate to go to Lydia’s call, so, from moment to moment, she would appear in the neighborhood of the Southern District. His goal is to help the police to try to solve the case involving the young Ivanka. And therefore, We are participating in one of the most beautiful encounters we can remember: Lydia and Hanna.

At that very moment, the two realize that they still have feelings for each other. Fernando Quintero was able to win the first battle against Hugo Villalobos by anticipating the purchase of a huge stockpile of weapons. Despite everything, the truth is that the gangster has already raised his answer. Don’t miss the following chapters of “Servir y Protecte”, every afternoon from Monday to Friday, on La 1 de TelevisiĆ³n EspaƱola.