May 23, 2022

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Macron and Le Pen go after undecided voters and try to woo Melenchon voters

Macron and Le Pen go after undecided voters and try to woo Melenchon voters

The presidential race to reach the Elysee It will end on April 24 after passing the first round reduction, Emmanuel Macron with 27.85% of the vote and the Navy. Luban By 23.15%, according to the official results. They will face a new duel that, according to current polls, will give them a slight advantage Macron. But the battle is far from over, and the two leaders have already launched themselves to ensure a win for undecided voters, on the other hand, for the 21.95% of voters who supported Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Emmanuel MacronThursday, Thursday, he was accused of “complete deviation” of his opponent in the second round of the French presidential election, the Curator Marine Le Penwhich wants to dismantle operating wind turbines, as well as paralyze all wind projects.

For her part, the candidate for the presidency of the French Republic from the National League said, Marine Lupine, noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which the Russian army managed to commit, is alleged to have committed “war crimes”. A fundamental change in their attitudes toward the war at a major turning point in the presidential election.

In this sense, Le Pen notes that «Genocide “ It is a “too precise definition” that does not currently fit the well-known laws of Ukraine. Also “retroactive deficiency” of the situation in his view. From the moment civilians and soldiers are assassinated, it is clear that it is about war crimes”He continued, before specifying, that he considered the guilty one “to be excluded from the Conference of Nations.”

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The two Elysées candidates are trying these days to beat up hesitant voters and it is being investigated how they soften their positions and government proposals. They even talked about extending the term of the government to seven years instead of the current five.

These days Macron has hinted at the closure of the factory carried out by the Spanish group Siemens-Gamesa in a port Le Havre, It was presented as “the largest industrial project in the history of renewable energies in France”. Macron specifically wanted to go for a tour of the Siemens Gamesa facilities on Election Day dedicated to his energy and campaign programme.

Visit still head France to Le Havre It was no accident that in the first round, the candidate of the radical left, Jean-Luc, managed to win in this department. Melnchon, With 30.17% of the vote, ahead of President (27.53%) and Le Pen (20.67%).

The left-wing leader’s program on energy issues differs from that of Macron to the extent that it intends to build at least six new nuclear reactors to maintain the centrality of the atomic park, which now generates about 70% of the electricity, while Melenchon He wants to abandon this technology, which he considers dangerous.