July 14, 2024

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“Magaly TV La Firme” live: minute by minute of a new chapter of “La Casa de Magaly”

“Magaly TV La Firme” live: minute by minute of a new chapter of “La Casa de Magaly”

What happened in the latest issue of Magaly TV La Firme?

Medina Majali He criticized Brian Torres and Samara Lobaton for rushing into their relationship and even introducing themselves to their young children when they decided to separate after less than a month together.

then, Fiorella Ritz She was the guest star of the night. Former correspondent for Aldo Miyashiro He recounted details about how close he was to the famous “Chino”. She commented that she had known him since she was 18 and that spending so much time together talking about football made her feel drawn to him.

In addition, he revealed that the One Machos knew of his closeness to the broadcaster, but no one wanted to tell him anything. Erica Villalobos. But what caught everyone’s attention was that he made a strong accusation against Miyashiro. The young woman stated that she receives alerts from people close to the broadcaster, and even indicated that if something happened to her or her family, she would condemn him as guilty.

remarks Fiorella Ritz They took up all of the program’s time, which is why no chapter of “La Casa se Magaly” was broadcast and more is expected on Friday, September 8th.

Fiorella Ritz talked about her relationship with Aldo Miyashiro. (pick up vehicle)

How to watch “Magaly TV La Firme” online?

To enjoy the entire program Medina Majali There are multiple ways through the Internet. The first is by downloading the ATV Play app to your mobile phone through the Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple devices for free. This is an exclusive signal from Santa Beatrice Channel. Likewise, the channel’s web platform allows you to watch every TV space online.

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Among other options that you have to follow minute by minute is the official page of “Majali La Firme TV” in Youtube The program is broadcast live every night, with some limitations on audio and video due to the platform itself, but it is also free to the general public. It should be noted that you can do the same using the official account on Facebook.

The third way is by getting a “Movistar Play” account, which will allow you to watch national and international channels live.

Magaly TV La Firme on YouTube.

Where to watch Magaly TV La Firme live broadcast?

All Magaly Medina programs are broadcast via ATV signal on different cable operators.

– Direct TV / Channel 199 (SD/HD)

– Movistar TV / Channel 9 (SD) Channel 709 (HD)

– Claro TV / Channel 9 (SD)

– Open signal / channel 9