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Many Argentines start working in the field and end up as a manager

Many Argentines start working in the field and end up as a manager

“I had friends who went to New Zealand and Australia, it was a test. What happens if we do not do well, we are afraid of those things, thinking, “If we do not do well, we will go back.” It happened seven years ago, and it went so well that in 2020 Romina started sharing a displaced experience on social media.

New Zealand is 9,000 km from Argentina, with a time difference of 10 to 15 hours. “Chatting with our people is complicated, sometimes it’s only on the weekends because during the week we live in complete backwardness.”He warned.

“If you look at the map of New Zealand, everything is rural, more rural than populated areas, that is, there are very few cities, and there is a lot of commitment to industrial exports, so they are looking for a lot of people. To work. In fact, many Argentines who start on the field end up as managers, and they perform well, “Romina said.

Generally, Argentines in New Zealand are starting to do chores that no one else wants to do there: harvesting fruit, working on a dairy, washing dishes or helping out in the kitchen. “Sometimes the English lesson there complicates us professionally, but any job can be done,” the young woman explained, admitting that it was very difficult to get a place in her area, nutrition. “I forgot my life and rediscovered myself because we discovered this flavor of traveling around the world. It’s very possible, and that’s what we want to show.”

“My partner is an architect, at first he worked for anything, he did a little bit of construction, but he was able to get his own job. He is not an architect, but he is an employer, ”he said.

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Both have already traveled through Asia and although it is not yet planned they want to live in Europe. “The idea here is not to come back at this time because life here is really unbelievable, so different Although the family missed a lot, we saw our family more in the pre-Kovit times because we had the opportunity to pay for tickets for them to come here and spend the holidays.

New Zealand emigrate job 2.jpg

Romina and Federico from Argentina living in New Zealand.


“We were with him all year, and at the same time we left, We travel around the world, this is a very beautiful country to live in, so now we want to stay, but not with the intention of dying here”, He revealed.

Finally, Romina promised her account undyundianosfuimos He shares all the information he wants when he embarks on his adventure, especially when starting a paperwork and job search. “If you want to quit, there are many possibilities. You obviously need money to get started, but you can.”He gave harassment.

And warned: “Whoever wants to leave should read a little and inquire. I can give you all the tools, but you have to do your own thing.

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Romina Bruszko from Argentina lives in New Zealand.

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