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MARCA Awards 2021: Spanish Football MARCA Awards Ceremony: 8th Pichichi Team for Messu and Rojiblanca Party

MARCA Awards 2021: Spanish Football MARCA Awards Ceremony: 8th Pichichi Team for Messu and Rojiblanca Party

NSLike every year, it was a great Spanish football party. This Monday, the green events plaza in Madrid, a party MARCA Football Awards 2021. A great party was not missing Leo Messi (East from Paris through technology), Oblak, Simeone, Suárez, Diego López or Ferran Torres, to name a few of the top players in attendance who also featured figures such as José Luis Martínez Almedia, Mayor of Madrid and he brought a smile to all. Attendees address after handing over the award to Simeone.

MARCA Awards 2021, Spanish Football Gala

Brand Awards Summary

Great Spanish football party previewed with MARCA Awards 2020-21. The great winner was Atletico Madrid Three trophies thanks to the league title he won on the last day against Valladolid. Best Player Award (Di Stefano Prize) fell into it Luis Suarez, The Zamora took it clouds And the best coachMiguel Muñoz Award) Simeone.

The correct name for the party is Leo Messi Who got the eighth price picchi With them 30 goals with Barcelona. The Zara fell into the hands Gerard Moreno, who scored 23 goals with Villarreal.

The ceremony ends with the presentation of the winners

Ceremony MARCA Awards 2020-21 With a group photo with all the winners. They all stand smiling with their cups, and many of them repeat in these awards. The eight appeared Messi Beach, Fifth Zamora from Oblak, the third Miguel Muñoz de Simeone. What’s more Raul de Thomas He doubled for Pichichi and Zarra of Second.

LaLiga Zamora Award, Jan Oblak

The Slovenian raises his fifth award to only the goalkeeper with the least destroyed 25 points Against and zero goal on 18 occasions. The stop he remembers the most was the penalty kick that stopped Joselu vs. Alaves. Give him the award Enrique Cerezo and Juan Ignacio Gallardo, MARCA Director.

LaLiga Miguel Muñoz Award from Diego Simeone

was a team coach Atletico Madrid He won his third award for the best coach, this time thanks to winning the league title. Simeone Receive the award from the hands Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, Mayor of Madrid. The Argentine coach thanked Juan Ignacio Gallardo For his words at the beginning of the ceremony in which he said that he is an example for everyone

Pichichi de LaLiga Award from Leo Messi

The Argentine raises him Eighth thanks to Pichichi with his 30 goals In the local tournament, he was unable to attend the ceremony and the award was handed over to him in Paris, Juan Ignacio Gallardo, MARCA Director. A video was shown when the award was given to the player Paris Saint-Germain.

Alfredo Di Stefano Award, Luis Suarez

The best player in the league It was Uruguay who scored 21 points He was one of the engineers of the championship that won a race Athlete. Suarez He admits that they felt the warmth of the fans in Jose Zorrilla when La Liga played against him Valladolid.

Fan Award, Leo Messi

Hyundai Fans Player of the Year award for Leo Messi

LaLiga Zarra Award, Gerard Moreno

The best Spanish scorer was a striker Villarreal with 23 goals, He was unable to collect the trophy and receive it Marcus Sina On behalf of Villarreal and give it to him David Aganzo, President of AFE and FIFPro. He’s injured and Cena is hoping to play this weekend.

LaLiga Guruceta Award, Alberola Rojas

Best first referee, with a scoring record, averaging two points per game. He is very happy with the cup and is also aware that he was familiar with the records Marker.

Jarque Prize / Puerta, Jorge Prieto

Sportsmanship award goes to him Jorge Prieto, This toilet that went viral for a message encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Ferran Torres Player of the Year award

The best player in the Spanish team is taken by the young man Ferran Torres, forward from city was necessary for Luis Enrique This year he was one of the architects who reached the semi-finals of Eurocup, the end of The League of Nations and qualify for Globalism. It can’t be at the party. They showed a video of it Jose Felix Diaz He handed him the cup.

Young Ferran Torres wins MVP Selection

Guruceta Liga SmartBank Award, Gonzalez Esteban

John Ander Gonzalez Esteban Won the award for the best referee in Secondly, Receive 38 points from 21 matches average score 1,81. The referee realizes that he was awaiting classification in the records Marker And that he had always dreamed of winning this award and hoped to win it First.

SmartBank League’s Pichichi Award, Raul de Tomas

The Pichichi de Segunda, RdT He was unable to attend due to personal problems and his partner received the award Diego Lopez. On his behalf, the goalkeeper wanted to thank Marker These awards. The trophy is presented by 5-pichichis winner Hugo Sánchez, who shows his admiration for de Tomás and hopes to be able to beat them one day.

Zamora Award from SmartBank League, Diego Lopez

Collect the prize for a goal Spanish Who left a clean sheet in it 20 times It was the key to the rise of parrots to the first place. 0.63 quotient.

The floor was taken by Juan Ignacio Gallardo, Director of MARCA

The newspaper manager spoke Brand, Juan Ignacio Gallardo. He wanted to thank the attendees and winners, and focused on admiring him Simeone And in his philosophy in football from one game to another.

The party starts

. party MARCA Awards 2020-21. The presenters are Miguel Quintana from Radio Marca And Monica Marchant from Movistar.

Simeone, Martinez Almeida and Marcos Senna arrive

was a team coach Athletic, Miguel Muñoz Award,Marcus Sina He will collect the prize Zara by Gerard Moreno and the Mayor of Madrid.

Luis Garcia Plaza in front of the microphone MARCA

was a team coach Mallorca Takes Miguel Muñoz Award For the best coach. “The award is also a tribute to Mallorca

Interview with Alberola Rojas

Best Referee Award, Guruceta Award,Alberola Rojas He says that Spanish arbitration is at its best and prove it Matthew Lahous direct UEFA Champions League Final From this year between Chelsea x Manchester City.

This is what the prizes look like before they are awarded to the winners

There are only a few minutes left MARCA Awards 2020-21 It begins and so is placed before it is delivered.

live signal

Our partner in Brand Javier Esteba Already live in green patio in madrid, Display awards and “fotocall” on the shelf.

Who are the MARCA Prize Winners?

Main winner in MARCA Awards are Leo Messi, The Argentine will raise him Eighth Pichichi for them 30 league goals. The Atletico Madrid He was the league champion and would win three trophies. The Zamora Prize will fall into the hands Jan Oblak, the Slovenian was one of the architects of that conquest of the local Rogblanco championship after seven years, conceding 25 goals and keeping 18 clean sheets.

The Miguel Muñoz Award Who rewards the best coach of the season goes to “Cholo” Simeoneimposes himself upon him Zidane. And the last prize for rank is for Luis Suarez, Di Stefano Prize Who distinguishes the best player from the league. Uruguay’s goals were key to winning the title.

The zara award is for Gerard Moreno With his 23 goals, he was the top national scorer. The MVP اختيار Selection The very young man wins it Ferran Torres Which was an indisputable piece for Luis Enrique throughout the year. The Guruceta Prize best judgment Alberola RojasThe castallano-manchego team averaged two points per game. and the Jarky/Puerta Award that realize the sportsmanship of the toilet Jorge Prieto Which spreads a sense of humor to those who have been vaccinated in Madrid

MARCA Awards in the second class

In the SmartBank League They were also given the best of the 2020-21 season. The Pichichi . Award is for Raul de Thomas With his 23 goals, he was one of the champions of Espanyol’s direct promotion to the first division. your partner Diego Lopez If you get 0.63 as a quotient, you get Zamora.

The Miguel Muñoz Award receive it Luis Garcia Plaza who ascended to Mallorca. palate gurusita second take it Gonzalez Esteban After gaining 38 points in 21 matches. Repeat as winner from Tomás with the zara award By defeating Ruben Castro by four goals.

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