July 14, 2024

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María José premieres “Mi rey, mi santo”, a duet with Ana Bárbara, and gives details about a possible new album |  interview

María José premieres “Mi rey, mi santo”, a duet with Ana Bárbara, and gives details about a possible new album | interview

María José officially premiered “My King, My Saint”, a duet with Ana Bárbara, the song’s composer. (@lagosa)

Maria Jose And Anna Barbara They have officially released the song “My king and my saint”a duet they performed live at the last concert Latin Women in Music 2024 Panel In Miami, where the singer-songwriter gained recognition. For the former Kabah member, the song is a glimpse at an album or EP that could see the light of day this year.

In an exclusive interview with Mexico informationMaría José spoke about the collaboration with Ana Bárbara, their close friendship, new music and the recent controversy in which she was involved to give her opinion about the comedic style of Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón San Cristóbal, hosts who were “canceled” on social networks for making sarcastic comments about Lucerito Mijares.

María José and Ana Bárbara sang the song for the first time at a concert organized by Billboard. (@lagosa)

Maria José is one of the most important pop artists of our day. Her place in the music industry reflects the connection she has made with a wide audience through songs that speak about love, empowerment and resilience. Its topics, in addition to appearing in Playlists Millions of fans, are part of Audio recording Of their lives.

Regarding her new single, available on all music platforms since June 20, María José shared that she felt an immediate connection to the song ever since Ana Bárbara showed it to her:

“Since last year, I have been asking all my colleagues for unreleased songs, not only her, but also Patti Cantu, who always gave me great songs. I spoke to her (Anna Bárbara) and she sent me a squirt. Anna Bárbara is a great composer. I have several, I told him I loved them, but why don’t we record one together, right? It would be incredible to sing together, and even more so because you are the author When “My King and My Saint” came to me I said “This!”

Three weeks later, both artists were recording the song and filming the promotional video. Maria José revealed that they did not plan to perform the song during the 2024 Billboard Latina Women in Music ceremony, where she paid tribute to Ana Bárbara.

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“My king and my saint” It is a musical syncretism that fuses pop and vernacular music, a style that has always attracted María José since its beginnings. Although her career is mainly associated with pop music and ballads, she has performed songs in the regional Mexican style in her concerts and, regardless of her modesty, claims that she does not sing ranchera music poorly.

Singer María José premiered “My King, My Saint”, a duet with singer-songwriter Ana Bárbara. Credit: Infobae Mexico

María José is currently touring the interior of the Republic. Despite his busy schedule, he had time to listen to songs by different composers, such as Angela Davalos, Marcela de la Garza, José Luis de Río Roma and Pablo Preciado, which could be part of his new album or released as an EP on streaming platforms, namely An increasingly popular strategy in the industry.

Throughout her career, María José has stood out for being outspoken and speaking openly about her music, her life, and her reality. A few weeks ago, the singer made headlines and became a trend on social media for expressing her opinion on the controversy between them. Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera Torres And Lucerito Mijares. Imagen Televisión presenters have been “canceled” on social networks for making sarcastic comments about Lucerito Mijares.

During a meeting with the press, María José defended black humor, a signature style of Videgaray throughout his career. However, he has been the target of criticism even though he has never said he agrees with comedy being made at the expense of people’s physical appearance.

“You will never escape criticism. Unfortunately, I have always been a person who speaks freely and there are media outlets that benefit from editing notes at their convenience and then on social networks something happens that was not the case until there is a breakthrough.

We all have a social responsibility in what we communicate, whether in music, news or anything else. “(In) my music I will always love to talk about love and empowerment and self-love for the experiences that everyday human beings have that they try to identify with what I live with.” Reflects the singer, who from afar finds it ironic that her statements have had so much resonance on social networks, especially when they do not agree with prevailing opinion. bullying.

María José spoke about the phenomenon of cancellations on social networks Credit: Infobae México

María José decided to distance herself from the controversy and focus on her music. The official video for “My King, My Saint” will premiere at 7:00 PM on Thursday on YouTube, as well as on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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