June 23, 2024

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Mariana Echeverría blames Raúl Magaña for her dismissal in “Se Vale”: “I started stealing the show”

Mariana Echeverría blames Raúl Magaña for her dismissal in “Se Vale”: “I started stealing the show”

Mariana Echeverría blames Raúl Magaña for her dismissal from the film “Se Vale”: “I started stealing the show” (Photos: Televisa)

Mariana Echeverría She is one of the most popular hosts and comedians in the country since her appearance on the show Is this fair? It catapulted her to national stardom. However, her unexpected passing has a background that few know about, and it has now been broadcast, with the famous woman confirming it. Televisa He made the decision to stop broadcasting because of one of his colleagues. Raul Magana.

In a recent interview with Yordi Rosado, former host of the program today He reported that after a strong quarrel with the actor, production gradually began to remove him from the space, because in his opinion he began to steal focus from the star, and since he is new, he brings new ideas and proposals on how to entertain millions. Of Mexican people far from the one his colleague did years ago.

“They pulled me out Is this fair? because I had a conflict with Raul Magagna. I never knew why, I think there was part of it I started stealing the show and the audience a little bit. “I had been there for a long time and arrived with a different atmosphere, a different cross-section of people,” the famous woman said.

Without any fear that the famous character will contradict her version and confident of the love that viewers have given her for a long time, Mariana Echeverría explained that the fight with Raul Magaña had serious consequences for her personal and professional life, as it generated little and they quickly removed him from the space he gave national fame, Is this fair?.

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The production, on clear orders from the host, began leaving the actress out of spaces, reducing her screen time under the pretext that her work was not liked by the audience and thus caused the rating to drop.

“Little by little they took me out, and one day they said to me: ‘This is your last programme, it’s not working.’ It worked very well. And they actually got me out“he added.

(Photo: Instagram/@marianaecheve)

At the conclusion of his participation in Is this fair? Mariana Echeverría has been notified by Televisa About his eventual exit from the program, a fight that he claims still causes him great pain and discontent, he blames Raúl Magaña for all of this and remembers everything with sadness.

“I cried a lot because of this I was very happy with the program I loved it; They saw him in public and asked me for autographs. He concluded: “I was dreaming, and then it gave me a hard time.”